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Example sentences for "derelictions"

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derecho; derechos; deregulation; derelict; dereliction; derelicts; derely; deren; derer; deres
  1. Vague rumors of worse will gain currency, and far weightier derelictions be whispered about him.

  2. When men know that their derelictions and neglects will be observed and reproved, they will be much more careful than they would be otherwise--that's human nature.

  3. The men wink at these derelictions in their wives, and share with them the price of their shame.

  4. These unhandsome derelictions from honorable conduct could alone be expressed by those who were well informed upon private subjects.

  5. Thinking mainly of all ordinary duties and their derelictions (as laid down in the scriptures), the king began to study the science of the Sankhyas and the Yogins in their entirety.

  6. A wise leader finds the reason for many of the difficulties and seeming derelictions of his men in the fact that they were the acts of previously formed habits not yet eliminated.

  7. Among the derelictions of the Barcelona tribunal, reported in 1561 by Cervantes, was the neglect of this rule, leading, he said, to grave abuses.

  8. Of the derelictions of many of these he had personal knowledge.

  9. Compton went to pieces when confronted with the proof that his derelictions had been found out.

  10. Both these derelictions were invented on the moment.

  11. She had been daily accustomed to hear the most outrageous moral derelictions lightly treated, or, at least, but slightly censured.

  12. I raced off to the office early, in order to be home in time, and was almost glad of a few flagrant derelictions of duty cropping up to keep my moral nature from too much sympathy.

  13. Why insult the son of God, who suffers for you, by your derelictions and betrayal?

  14. Rely upon it, Bob, the simple illustration is very widely applicable; and whenever you hear of our derelictions abroad, please to remember it.

  15. There is always need of searching the heart to find if we have committed crimes against the soul; for the laws of the land deal only with the excessive derelictions from right which we cannot ignorantly commit.

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