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Example sentences for "disallows"

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disait; disallow; disallowance; disallowed; disallowing; disannul; disant; disappear; disappearance; disappearances
  1. The Crown disallows the Act on the 1st of April.

  2. Judah “allows a child, but disallows a woman and a neuter.

  3. Eleazar “disallows it, because it has no roof”; but the Sages “allow it.

  4. A black beetle, though not burst nor changed, disallows it, since it is like a pipe.

  5. Whatever disallows the heave-offering, renders the hands unclean in a secondary degree.

  6. Both are disallowed, since work disallows in filling (water of purification) whether for himself or for another.

  7. We experience this pleasure unmixed, so long as we do not think of any moral end which disallows action before us.

  8. Now the Protagorean formula neither allows nor disallows any one of these proposed objective criteria: but it enunciates the appeal to which all of them must be submitted--the subjective condition of satisfying the judgment of each hearer.

  9. God allows or disallows things not because they are good or evil; but things are, therefore, good or evil, because he approves or disallows them.

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