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Example sentences for "encyclopaedias"

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  1. That the effect of these works, and of the encyclopaedias which are in a sense allied to them, has been detrimental to the national mind, there cannot be a doubt.

  2. The costlier encyclopaedias and works of reference might be waited for until funds are recruited by a library fair, or lectures, or amateur concerts, plays, or other evening entertainments.

  3. Soon afterwards other encyclopaedias appeared, of which the best known is the Book of the Mountains and Seas (Shan Hai Ching).

  4. Thus it is by no mere chance that in this period many encyclopaedias were compiled.

  5. Encyclopaedias convey knowledge in an easily grasped and easily found form.

  6. For this latter purpose the gigantic encyclopaedias of the Manchus, each of which fills several bookcases, were much too expensive and were printed in much too limited editions.

  7. The Neo-Confucianists also compiled great analytical works of history and encyclopaedias whose authority continued for many centuries.

  8. In addition to encyclopaedias and historical works, many books of philosophy were written in the Han period, but most of them offer no fundamentally new ideas.

  9. If it were possible to make the stream more intense and very narrow, its deflections could be easily photographed.

  10. The effects of capacity are the most striking, for in these experiments, since the self-induction and frequency both are high, the critical capacity is very small, and need be but slightly varied to produce a very considerable change.

  11. In operating an induction coil with rapidly alternating currents, we realize with astonishment, for the first time, the great importance of the relation of capacity, self-induction and frequency as regards the general results.

  12. Soon afterwards other encyclopaedias appeared, of which the best known is the Book of the Mountains and Seas (Shan Hai Ching).

  13. But a very great amount of most valuable information about the Caucasus is preserved in articles in encyclopaedias and scientific periodicals, especially the Izvestia and Zapiski of the Russian and Caucasian geographical societies, in P.

  14. Accounts of the catacombs will also be found in the encyclopaedias and manuals published under the following names: Martigny, Perate, F.

  15. In this class fall dictionaries, encyclopaedias and hand-books of all kinds.

  16. A motley array of old text-books, out-of-date encyclopaedias and miscellaneous volumes from the attics of well-meaning friends of the institution will not make a good high school library.

  17. Those for the ninth grade pupils ordinarily include instruction in the use of dictionaries, encyclopaedias and atlases, and the use of the table of contents and indexes in reference books.

  18. Their newspapers collect material for encyclopaedias and their encyclopaedias compile anas.

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