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Example sentences for "entertains"

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entertaines; entertaining; entertainingly; entertainment; entertainments; entertayne; entertayned; entertaynment; enth; enthral
  1. I have the honour to request that Your Excellency will be good enough to give me reply stating whether or not the Chinese Government really entertains such an intention.

  2. Accordingly China has declared from the very beginning that while she entertains the most profound regard for Japan's wishes, she was unable to admit that any of these matters could be made the subject of an understanding with Japan.

  3. This is a manifestation to Japan of the most profound regard which the Chinese Government entertains for the relations between the two nations.

  4. The banker, who entertains the most kindly sentiments towards you, based all his conjectures upon a certain remark which made a strong impression upon him.

  5. A sensual-minded man gets into such trouble through his sensuality that he entertains the idea of going abroad.

  6. And it's now because she entertains a high opinion of me that she recently bade me assume the charge of domestic affairs.

  7. The mind no sooner entertains any proposition but it presently hastens," etc.

  8. Prejudices are notions or opinions which the mind entertains without knowing the grounds and reasons of them, and which are assented to without examination.

  9. The condemnation of works trading on unchastity must emanate from men of whose freedom from prejudice and freedom of mind, intelligence and independence, no one entertains a doubt.

  10. Aaron, with the lustrous Theo, entertains Jerome Bonaparte, on his way to a Baltimore bride.

  11. Miss Polly made us drink tea made out of Jerusalem oak weeds.

  12. I say: 'If I already is free, I don't need to sign no paper.

  13. He lingers at the campfires and swaps stories with the officers, and entertains the sick and wounded in the hospitals.

  14. He entertains lavishly at Les Iles, his plantation on the Mississippi.

  15. Hope of recovery has long been given up, and he himself entertains no illusions on that subject.

  16. He is also most desirous to mark, in every way in his power, the profound respect he entertains for the Visconte de Charrebourg.

  17. Be assured that nobody entertains for you sentiments of more perfect and sincere esteem than, Dear Sir, your friend and servant, Th: Jefferson.

  18. De la Tude comes sometimes to take family soup with me, and entertains me with anecdotes of his five and thirty years' imprisonment.

  19. I will state, however, general, that I am equally anxious for peace with yourself, and the whole North entertains the same feeling.

  20. I will state, however, General, that I am equally anxious for peace with yourself, and the whole North entertains the same feeling.

  21. Arrived in hell, the devil entertains them like a gentleman.

  22. The moon, as a female, a good fairy who works for the aurora, and who entertains and guides the hero.

  23. She is never heard scolding or reproving,--never entertains her company with her recipes for cookery or the faults of her servants.

  24. And, indeed, who entertains a different opinion of the wise man himself?

  25. He entertains gentlemen in it who put themselves under his guidance in order to ascend Snowdon and to see the country.

  26. Busa, Apulian woman, entertains at Canusium the remains of the defeated Roman army, xxii.

  27. The objection Mr. Arnold entertains for it is that "it has not the character of poetic truth of the best kind; it has no real solidity.

  28. For Virgil he entertains a humble far-off reverence.

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