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Example sentences for "etui"

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  1. Etui with silver specilla brought from Italy by M.

  2. Among a number of colour pots and alabaster mortars for rubbing down and mixing colours was an etui similar to the typical cylindrical instrument case of the ancient surgeon, and in this were two spoon probes like the one shown in Pl.

  3. Several of these etui have been found containing instruments.

  4. King, bearing a worn old volume and a little etui of metal full of powder, like that used for the eyes.

  5. Hippolyte brought the offensive etui and laid it on the dinner-table, while Baptiste approached with a glass of water.

  6. Count von Gortz bowed, rose, and drew from his bosom a rich velvet etui which he handed to the prince.

  7. Potemkin took the etui and without opening it laid it on the table beside him.

  8. Secondly, glass bottles are useless: the drugs should be stowed away in tin or wooden boxes, such as the natives of the country use, and when a phial is required, it must be fitted into an etui of some kind.

  9. The watches worn by respectable people in Al-Hijaz are almost a1ways old silver pieces, of the turnip shape, with hunting cases and an outer etui of thick leather.

  10. But now at last I will see what this precious etui contains.

  11. She stood up, and handed him the etui with the air of an insulted queen, without once glancing at its contents, and only divining their value by the size and weight of the case.

  12. At this moment, a bullet struck the king in the breast, but the golden etui which the king carried in his pocket, had turned it aside, and thus saved his life.

  13. He stepped to his trunk, unlocked it, and took from it an etui containing a number of fans.

  14. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "etui" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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