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Example sentences for "femurs"

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  1. There was a woman living in Bavaria, under the observation of Buhl, who had congenital absence of both femurs and both fibulas.

  2. The pelvis was comparatively weak, the femurs hardly to be recognized, and the right tibia and foot defective; the left foot was better developed, although far from being in due proportion to the trunk above.

  3. When he was but a child he was constantly tumbling down, due to the heads of the femurs slipping from the acetabula, but reduction was always easy.

  4. He rubs the inside of his femurs against the outside of his wings.

  5. He has strong, short, sharp spines on the femurs and on the tibias.

  6. It is also vestigial in the higher apes, and it is only when we descend to the lower monkeys and femurs that we see it approaching its primitive useful form.

  7. For the present all we can say is that in the earliest spread of the patriarchal mammal race one branch adopted arboreal life, and evolved in the direction of the femurs and the apes.

  8. It was the Plesiosaurus dolichodeiras; the bone in the museum being one of the femurs of the fore-paddle of that long extinct monster.

  9. If, at night, I put out the lamp in my study and the moon falls on the work, the seven femurs dance as lively as may be during the time it takes my eyes to adapt themselves from the lamplight to the moonlight.

  10. I own a relief by Ghiberti called the ``Rise of the Flesh,'' in which seven femurs dance around a corpse and sing.

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