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Example sentences for "fencer"

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femurs; fen; fence; fenced; fenceless; fencers; fences; fencible; fencibles; fencing
  1. Hunting is not steeplechasing, and if a reluctant fencer cannot be sufficiently roused by a touch of the whip, I fail to see what is to be gained by spurring him on the near side, and thus giving him a direct incentive to refuse to the left.

  2. If a paid pilot is engaged, his horse should not be a better fencer than that of his charge.

  3. In this parade, the hand is raised as high as the forehead, so that the fencer can see his opponent's face under his wrist.

  4. But every fencer should be always ready to deliver a well-aimed, swift, direct thrust at any exposed part of the antagonist's arm, his mask or thigh.

  5. Sturm was too good a fencer to throw himself unprotected upon his enemy.

  6. A skilled fencer like you, who uses his sabre as if he had invented it!

  7. And, another time, a fencer marching to his prize had his drum most tragically run through, for taking that street in his way at my request.

  8. Amis that his assistant had developed into a fencer of very considerable force, a man in a bout with whom it became necessary to exert himself if he were to escape defeat.

  9. In this parade the hand is raised as high as the forehead, so that the fencer can see his opponent's face under his wrist.

  10. To make a push; to attack with a pointed weapon; as, a fencer thrusts at his antagonist.

  11. Fencing) Defn: The parry which is connected with a riposte; also, a series of quick attacks and parries in which neither fencer gains a point.

  12. So he the famed Cilician fencer praised, And, at each hit, with wonder seems amazed.

  13. His fame as a fencer went abroad in the town, and he was challenged to a bout by the principal teacher of the art in Chicago.

  14. Ellsworth records the combat in his diary of May 24th: "This evening the fencer of whom I have heard so much came up to the armory to fence with me.

  15. But they were masters once, and now and then they send out a fencer the French can't touch.

  16. Fencing, for one thing, means, that with a good stick in his hand, a clever fencer can double up a giant or two, grant him choice of ground.

  17. The Valiant Fencer did reply I come my Valour here to try.

  18. And, another time, a fencer marchng to his prize, had his drum most tragically run through, for taking that street in his way at my request.

  19. There was never fencer challenged at so many several foils.

  20. Monsieur de la Beriniere had been a very good fencer in his youth, but years had impaired his agility and strength.

  21. You must have been a fine fencer formerly.

  22. Moore was, far and away, the best fencer I had ever encountered; and I thought I had faced about all the famous ones of first force.

  23. Though I rather think it is pearls before swine; for he is too good a fencer not to see I am sparing him, and too jealously vindictive to appreciate my courtesy.

  24. By the way," I said, "what sort of a fencer is Lotzen?

  25. But, unless there is hard study and training from childhood, the birth gift is wasted and there is only a made-fencer in the end.

  26. In a moment I had passed The Fencer myself and entered the hall.

  27. With a queer pucker the fencer remarked) "Your friend got you into a lot of trouble, though.

  28. This eloquence yielding no results, The Fencer exorted the culprit to act like a man and render to Caesar what is Caesar's.

  29. Go and get ready," the Fencer said, and I certainly saw a smile.

  30. You won't need a blanket," he added; and the doors clanged, the light and fencer disappeared.

  31. He came with Monsieur de Tourelle, the finest fencer in Paris, who nevertheless was unable to have the better of our little Louise.

  32. For fencing; he is the best fencer of all here; see, he is still busy with that girl, his latest craze; in charity we will hope that he has not yet seen you.

  33. He is the best fencer in Paris, mon ami.

  34. A German sergeant, who had been a great fencer on the Continent, taught him all that he knew and before long Johnny was an expert in tricks of fence which stood him in good stead later on.

  35. It was in fencing that he beat me hollow: he was quite the best fencer I ever met; the lessons at school of Bonnet's prévôt had borne good fruit in his case.

  36. I know he is called the surest fencer in our small world, but I always thought you more than his match.

  37. The nature of the mischance—the loss of the button which guards the fencer in all exercises with the foil—was patent enough to those acquainted with small-sword practice.

  38. Neither of them wore armour, but the shield of Svip was a pretty heavy weight for a fencer to carry,--unless the other fencer should also be weighted.

  39. Bathurst had in his day been counted the finest fencer in England, his wrist was as fresh and strong as the steel which he held, but the odds were beginning to accumulate against him.

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