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Example sentences for "globed"

Lexicographically close words:
gloatingly; gloats; glob; global; globe; globes; globi; globo; globose; globular
  1. All that has gone before, all that is to be, is globed in his symphonies, is divined by the seer: a man, the first since Handel.

  2. As he entered, the gaze of the two met in the veiled light of the green-globed lamp, and the fire flickered high on the gas-log hearth.

  3. I will find her, and ere yon red-globed sun hath sunk behind the purple hills she shall suffer for this power which she pretends to possess.

  4. While her heart trembles 'neath those dim, deep skies, As the quick sea that 'neath the globed moon lies.

  5. No more; for on the rim of the globed world I seem to stand and stare at nothingness.

  6. A brother's pious hand The pure, fire-winnowed ashes shall inurn, And lay them in the orange grove where burn Globed suns that scent the land.

  7. In humanity we have merely a certain portion of this large life, which may spread for all we know beyond the visible universe, globed and bounded, like the spray of a fountain, into little separate individualities.

  8. The great stars that globed themselves in Heaven," were shining clear and bright in the vast arch above.

  9. As if all springs were crushed anew Into one globed drop of dew!

  10. At a table in the center under a nicely globed light sat John Rann in his woolen undershirt.

  11. Just beyond, Sally Heffer was writing at a little table, and the globed gas burned above her, lighting the thin gold of her sparse hair.

  12. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "globed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    bulbous; ellipsoidal; global; globular; ovoid; spherical