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Example sentences for "handcart"

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  1. At last he chucked the handcart altogether, though he went on messing with me and living in my shed, his Kanaka practice growing very extensive.

  2. The handcart was covered with a tarpaulin.

  3. Following the handcart over the brow came a loose procession of villagers, which included no children, because the children were in school.

  4. See, there is a man with a handcart over yonder.

  5. The bearer of the handcart stopped at the door indicated by the woman, and lifted the stricken man in his arms.

  6. Dragging the handcart did not help him to put on flesh, for the weather was very hot and the work made him sweat.

  7. One afternoon Crass sent him with a handcart to a job that Easton, Philpot, Harlow and Owen were just finishing.

  8. Occasionally, however, there were more than he could carry; then they were put into a handcart which he pushed or dragged after him to the distant jobs.

  9. Nimrod and Sawkins accordingly took shelter in the doorway of an empty house, leaving the handcart at the kerb, while Crass went across the street and knocked at Philpot's door.

  10. While the wood road lasted the principal trouble he experienced was the difficulty of seeing where he was going, the handcart being so high and himself so short.

  11. Chapter 10 The Long Hill Bert arrived at the shop and with as little delay as possible loaded up the handcart with all the things he had been sent for and start on the return journey.

  12. Crass and Sawkins pushed the handcart over to the other side of the road and then, lifting the coffin off, they carried it into the house, Nimrod going first.

  13. After a brief consultation, they resolved that it would be safer to take the corpse on the handcart to the yard and keep it in the carpenter's shop until the funeral, which could take place from there.

  14. As a substitute a portable, steel handcart was advantageously employed, although, owing to its weight, tide-cracks and rotten areas had to be crossed at a run.

  15. No longer were immigrants to come by handcart and ox-team.

  16. In September, while the handcart companies were on the Platte, Almon W.

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