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Example sentences for "inanities"

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inalterable; inamorata; inane; inania; inanimate; inanition; inanity; inapplicability; inapplicable; inapposite
  1. Lussac was a friend, and not one of those inconvenient people who bore artists by going to their studios and talking inanities to them about their work.

  2. Subsequent to this we see the light vanishing and earnestness giving place to triviality of thought, to the ravings of superstition, to the inanities of ceremonialism and to the laws of social and religious bondage.

  3. She was fanning herself and making sparkling replies to the inanities of Mr. Durdan, who stood beside her.

  4. Before he had gone to Castle Innisfail the subject would have interested him greatly, but now he thought that Archie Brown's inanities were preferable to those of the politician.

  5. The best proof of it was that she was here, far from their wearying inanities and hollow gilded gauds by deliberate choice.

  6. But this life out here has spoiled me for inanities forever.

  7. Those fellows must get deadly sick of the inanities people talk when they are being introduced.

  8. He had forgotten both the whist and the interlude, that afternoon, and he felt no inclination to exchange verbal inanities with a group of women of whom several had been at the Lloyd Avalons supper, the night before.

  9. However, I suppose it is necessary that we should at least appear to be exchanging with ordinary interest the ordinary inanities of such an occasion.

  10. Therese came in with a dish, and for the rest of the lunch the conversation so well begun drifted amongst the most appalling inanities of the religious-royalist-legitimist order.

  11. Men are sent to Congress whom God intended for the gallows, while those he ticketed for the penitentiary spout inanities in fashionable pulpits.

  12. I talked inanities and I felt that he knew I was being inane.

  13. I find myself muttering inanities in answering him.

  14. Under impulsion of the Arranger of Inanities the pomaded princes next began their inspection of the buildings.

  15. In both Joyce and Lewis we have the insistent utterance of men who are once for all through with the particular inanities of Shavian-Bennett, and with the particular oleosities of the Wellsian genre.

  16. Sir Percy's coats were the talk of the town, his inanities were quoted, his foolish laugh copied by the gilded youth at Almack's or the Mall.

  17. There were plenty of young ladies in England, of high birth and good looks, who would have been quite willing to help him to spend the Blakeney fortune, whilst smiling indulgently at his inanities and his good-humoured foolishness.

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