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Example sentences for "incinerated"

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incidental; incidentally; incidentals; incidents; incidit; incineration; incinerator; incipiency; incipient; incipiunt
  1. The wallets, undoubtedly, had been incinerated by the sun's rays, together with the banknotes that were in them.

  2. They contained, in addition to the incinerated remains, bone implements and flint arrow-heads, the largest of them having in it thirteen of the latter, all of the shape to which the term barbed is most commonly applied.

  3. It formed the cover of a cist, discovered in digging a gravel-pit at Coilsfield, in Ayrshire, and underneath it was found an urn filled with incinerated bones.

  4. They brought him to this valley and incinerated him themselves.

  5. One of us remarks that the remarkable burned smell reminds him of incinerated corpses.

  6. After thoroughly mixing the contents, fifty grammes were weighed off and incinerated in a porcelain dish of suitable size.

  7. After drying the filter with its contents, the whole was again incinerated in a porcelain dish and the residue treated as before.

  8. Of manufactured soda, the variety most antiently known is barilla, the incinerated ash of the Salsola soda.

  9. They recall, in point of size, the hut-urns of the Etruscans, but the latter had another use, for they contain incinerated remains.

  10. Horses had been turned loose and were running at large to prevent their being incinerated in the burning buildings.

  11. Had not Divine interference designed to raise the dead, nature herself is in act to do it--to lead out the "incinerated soul" from the retreats of her dark laboratory.

  12. Cabeza de Vaca says that the Floridians buried their ordinary dead, but burned their medicine-men, whose incinerated bones they preserved and drank in water.

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