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Example sentences for "incinerator"

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  1. The company incinerator shown below was used with great success by some of our troops at Texas City, Texas.

  2. The men should be instructed to drop all liquid on the sides of the incinerator and throw all solid matter on the fire--the liquids will thus be evaporated and the solids burned.

  3. Until the men learn how to use the incinerator properly, a noncommissioned officer should be detailed to supervise its use.

  4. The incinerator is kept out of order to give a free hand to the spies in getting the stuff out of the hospital and into the marshes, where it can be picked up by the enemy.

  5. We had an explosion at the incinerator several weeks ago.

  6. And Ivy swears the explosion in the incinerator was the work of saboteurs.

  7. Brad found out from the man who looks after the incinerator that repair parts have come for it twice, and were not what he ordered.

  8. I’ll surely be thankful when they use the incinerator again.

  9. Why do they haul the hospital refuse away on a barge instead of burning it in the incinerator as they do in other hospitals?

  10. He’s terribly upset over not being able to get the incinerator fixed.

  11. First they put the incinerator out of order to make an opening for traffic into the marshes.

  12. But what was it doing in the incinerator chute?

  13. Dimly, she heard the thing rattle and bump down to the incinerator in the basement.

  14. Illustration] It began with the dead cat on the fire escape and ended with the green monster in the incinerator chute, but still, it wouldn't be quite fair to blame it all on the neighborhood.

  15. Dead cats on the fire escape, dead monsters in the incinerator chute .

  16. I'll throw it in the incinerator now, she thought, before I straighten the apartment.

  17. The incinerator chute was at the rear of the hall, next to the service stairs.

  18. When his clothes are so stiff with dirt that they will stand up without any inside assistance from Violet, they are sawn off him and consigned to the incinerator and he is given a new suit.

  19. His métier is to keep the place tidy and the incinerator fires burning.

  20. Under no circumstances allow waste food to be strewn on the ground anywhere within camp limits, or the ground around the garbage pail, pit or incinerator to be untidy.

  21. In larger camps a portable incinerator can be used.

  22. When in use the incinerator should stand in an open place away from all tents and buildings.

  23. For burning light trash use a small incinerator two feet high and eighteen inches in diameter, made of iron, and with a cover circular in shape and perforated closely with holes half an inch in diameter.

  24. Then the box is filled with sawdust, wrapped in newspaper and carried to the incinerator for burning.

  25. The sputum is from there thrown into receptacles containing sawdust, taken to the incinerator and burned twice daily.

  26. I don't know," I said, "that I want an incinerator built.

  27. Then he was back on the subject of the incinerator again.

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