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Example sentences for "several cities"

  • Several cities in Asia were taken by Mithridates, who treated them with extreme cruelty.

  • Without much difficulty, he expelled Amynander from Athamania, and got possession of several cities.

  • He painted in several cities of France, in the Milanese, and still more in the Venetian states, where he died at Udine, in the MS.

  • He afterwards completed the great altar of San Donato, at Arezzo, the cost of which was thirty thousand gold florins; besides many other works which remain in Naples and in several cities of Tuscany.

  • Negro hospitals have been opened and are well supported in several cities.

  • Several cities of C┼ôlesyria, Cilicia, and Lower Armenia constituted the principality of Antioch, the most extensive and the most flourishing of the Christian provinces.

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