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Example sentences for "absoluteness"

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absolue; absolument; absoluta; absolute; absolutely; absolutes; absolution; absolutions; absolutism; absolutist
  1. He holds that the Absolute existence or Pure Being when it leaves its absoluteness undergoes three stages:--(1) Oneness.

  2. The Existent in Absoluteness or Pure existence--Pure Being--God.

  3. It will be understood that Al-Jili recognises the truth of Empirical Idealism only tentatively, and does not admit the absoluteness of the distinction.

  4. And how this idea of partial self-activity comports with the absoluteness of Deity we can not clearly understand.

  5. How this comports with the absoluteness of God we can not understand, any more than we can understand how it comports with invariable law in Nature.

  6. Moreover, this character of absoluteness is applied to the Deity in a manner which is altogether false and erroneous.

  7. It is only as the absoluteness of law is recognized that a miracle, which is in appearance a violation of this law, begins to produce its full impression.

  8. The great truth of the absoluteness of law cannot be taught in a single lesson.

  9. A thorough-going optimism, in that it subdues all things to the idea of the supreme Good, and denies to evil the right even to dispute the absoluteness of its sway, naturally seems to imply a pantheistic theory of the world.

  10. The value of his solution of the problem corresponds accurately to the degree in which he holds both the absoluteness of God's presence in history, and the complete independence of the moral consciousness.

  11. But in this catastrophe neither the right of the family nor that of the state is denied; what is denied is the absoluteness of the claim of each.

  12. It is not the work of chance or blank fate; it is the act of the ethical substance itself, asserting its absoluteness against the excessive pretensions of its particular powers.

  13. The absoluteness with which Amos conceived this principle, the courage with which he applied it, carry him along those two great lines upon which we most clearly trace his originality as a prophet.

  14. Nevertheless, they show the absoluteness of the power which they nominally qualify.

  15. States had become so absolute in themselves that out of it grew the feeling of absoluteness in regard to the Nation.

  16. I know the following words are alledged to favour the uncontroulableness and absoluteness of princes, that it is not fit to say to them, they are wicked.

  17. In both these cases freedom disappears in the absoluteness with which the substance of the universe unfolds into all its products and manifestations.

  18. In still other speculation necessitarianism comes as an inference from conceptions formed as to the divine sovereignty and the absoluteness with which it must direct creature movement.

  19. We did not realize the absoluteness of the analogy then.

  20. So Christian joy might have an absoluteness which it never had under the pause-giving mortal limitations of paganism.

  21. And two human relations present themselves for the purpose; the one to shew the absoluteness of the surrender, the other its living results.

  22. Another fallacy is produced which turns on the absoluteness of the verb 'to know.

  23. The same absoluteness which was once attributed to abstractions is now attached to the words which are the signs of them.

  24. The failure of fruit in her husband proved the absoluteness of her love, proved that he was her all, notwithstanding.

  25. It endangered the absoluteness of her self-belief and self-worship.

  26. And something in his shuffling movements, in the fine irony of his expression, pierced Helen with a sensation hitherto unknown, broke up the absoluteness of her egotism, stirred her blood.

  27. And thus the universal relation of Christ to humanity and the absoluteness of the Christian religion are confirmed.

  28. The generations which preceded us, have all been imbued with this notion of the absoluteness of natural laws, the conflicting laws of a dual universe of matter and spirit.

  29. Let me then say a word as to the absoluteness of truth.

  30. The problem as to the absoluteness of truth.

  31. The absoluteness of the principle of loyalty.

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