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Example sentences for "agrimony"

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  1. The Agrimony or Egrimony (Agrimonia Eupatoria) was a herb much in vogue among the old herbalists, who attributed extraordinary virtues to it.

  2. The Hemp Agrimony is the Holy Rope, after the rope with which Christ was bound; and the Hollyhock is the Holy Hock (an old word for Mallow).

  3. Agrimony has derived its name of Eupatorium from Mithridates Eupator, King of Pontus, who was skilled in botany and physic, and used this plant as an antidote against the poison with which his enemies at court attempted to destroy him.

  4. The astrological government and virtues of Agrimony appear to the uninitiated somewhat complicated.

  5. A decoction of hemp agrimony he at all times considered a most valuable bitter tonic; and of this plant the curious flesh-colored flowers on their long green stems grew pretty freely by the stream-side in the valley.

  6. Then she set about grubbing up roots of hemp agrimony where they grew.

  7. Occasional visitors alighting on the agrimony for pollen may distribute some, but the little blossoms chiefly fertilize themselves.

  8. Quite a different species, not found in this country, is the common European Agrimony - A.

  9. You often find a dozen of these little green bells fastened to your skirt if you have been where the Agrimony grows.

  10. The liver is the former of blood, and blood the nourisher of the body, and Agrimony a strengthener of the liver.

  11. It feeds on hemp-agrimony (Eupatorium cannabinum), hibernates when small, and completes its growth in May or early June.

  12. The Hemp Agrimony (Eupatorium cannabinum), of the order Compositae, is very common along the banks of streams and on the borders of wayside ditches all over Britain.

  13. There were patches of purple thyme, of blue stachys, and yellow gallium; there were countless spikes of yellow agrimony and heads of wild carrot, and white ox-eyes looked out from amidst the long grasses like snowflakes of summer.

  14. Yellow spikes of agrimony and the fine pink flowers of the musk-mallow mingled with the wiry broom and the waving bracken about the rocks.

  15. At a weir of sticks and stones forming a rather wide dam, overgrown by tall hemp-agrimony now in flower, we met with our first difficulty.

  16. Upon the banks, the high hemp-agrimony and purple loosestrife, with here and there an evening primrose, flaunt their masses of colour over the water or the pebbly shore.

  17. Great purple snapdragons hung from clefts in the rocks, inula flashed gorgeously yellow, white melilot raised its graceful drooping blossoms, and hemp-agrimony made the bees sing a drowsy song of the brimming cup of summer.

  18. An exquisitely delicate campanula with minute flowers bloomed with hemp-agrimony and wood-sage along the sides of the rills that -scarcely murmured as they slid down the clefts of the impervious rock.

  19. In France, Agrimony tea is drank as a beverage at table.

  20. Agrimony was at one time included in the London Materia Medica as a vulnerary herb.

  21. Chemists have determined that the Agrimony possesses a particular volatile oil, and yields nearly five per cent.

  22. The Agrimony is a Simple well known to all country folk, and abundant throughout England in the fields and woods, as a popular domestic medicinal herb.

  23. The Hemp Agrimony grows with us in moist, shady places, with a tall reddish stem, and with terminal crowded heads of dull lilac flowers.

  24. If he were my son, I should certainly make him take a spoonful of my conserve of elder night and morning, and drink agrimony tea three times a day.

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