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Example sentences for "akimbo"

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akeing; akel; aker; akhi; aki; akin; aking; ako; akra; akropolis
  1. Mrs. Gilson turned about and surveyed them with her arms akimbo and her lower lip thrust out.

  2. She discovered that her habitual posture was with arms akimbo and hands spread out over her hips.

  3. He passed one of his heavy hands over his crisp dark hair as if to sweep the broken thoughts out of his mind and sat a little forward, with one arm akimbo and the other resting on his leg, looking in a brown study at the ground.

  4. I don't intend to say," looking round upon us with his powerful arms akimbo and his dark eyebrows raised, "that I am more partial to being hanged than another man.

  5. The gendarme, a young lad, with his right arm jauntily akimbo and clattering sword, rode up to us and shouted commandingly, "Scatter!

  6. But before she had time to reply, Pickles sprang to his feet, made a somersault up and down the room, then stood with his arms akimbo just in front of Giles.

  7. He put his arms akimbo and gazed hard at Sue, and so motionless became his perfectly round orbs that Sue thought he had been turned into stone.

  8. He rose, and with arms akimbo stood gazing down at Penelope.

  9. Momotaro sat on a rock, with his little army of three retainers around him, holding his fan, with his hands akimbo on his knees, just as mighty generals do after a battle, when they receive the submission of their enemies.

  10. Just before the palanquin were two tall dandies, high lords themselves and of gigantic stature and imposing bellies, who, with arms akimbo and feelers far up in the air, bore aloft high over all the insignia of their Lord Long-legs.

  11. And the girl in "La Vendimia" stood with her arm akimbo and her dreamy eyes looking past him.

  12. V Ethics of Activity "The busy world shoves angrily aside The man who stands with arms akimbo set, Till the occasion tells him what to do; And he who waits to have his task marked out.

  13. A GIRL (Takes center of stage and hands akimbo shakes her hips.

  14. Nixon mocks her by standing akimbo and shaking himself like a woman.

  15. Always ready to do the ladies a favor," he said, extending both arms akimbo and stepping between them.

  16. He swung one arm akimbo with an outward circular movement, clicked his heels together, and straightened his shoulders until his speckled white vest swelled.

  17. Natasha threw off the shawl from her shoulders, ran forward to face "Uncle," and setting her arms akimbo also made a motion with her shoulders and struck an attitude.

  18. Anatole, having taken off his overcoat, sat with arms akimbo before a table on a corner of which he smilingly and absent-mindedly fixed his large and handsome eyes.

  19. It was Molly Dale pushing past Racey and standing with arms akimbo directly in front of his gun-muzzle.

  20. As well I knows," burst out Miss Junk, her arms akimbo again.

  21. I found myself in a low-ceiled, darkened room, opposite a trim negress who stood with her arms akimbo and stared at me.

  22. He suggested a bullfrog as he sat in the little room we shared in common, his arms akimbo over a law book, his little legs doubled under him, his round, eyes fixed expectantly on the doorway.

  23. A frowsy-looking woman with red hair like Tilda's and Sam's stood akimbo in the passage, awaiting the arrival of her son and daughter and visitor.

  24. Mrs Martin, putting her arms akimbo and looking with great dissatisfaction at Annie.

  25. The drum corps came first, twenty strong, snares and basses rattling and booming, the fifers with arms akimbo and cheeks like bladders.

  26. It was "Balm o' Joy" Brackett, his arms akimbo as he fished on the reins to hurry his horse.

  27. The tall horse galloped down the hill, but the Colonel stood up, and, with elbows akimbo and hands under his chin, yanked the animal to a standstill, his splay feet skating through the highway dust.

  28. Muffat and he exchanged a despairing glance, while she put her arms akimbo in order to shout more loudly than before.

  29. Nana forgot herself in face of this brisk attack and was going to put her arms akimbo and give her what for.

  30. Katharine stuck her arms akimbo and stared mercilessly at the abject creature before her, who seemed to droop and wilt under her gaze as if he were sinking through the hay-strewn floor.

  31. The widow put her arms akimbo and looked at Katharine over her spectacles, as she might have studied some new and rather formidable insect.

  32. Akimbo = With a crook: I saw a dog with an akimbo in his tail.

  33. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "akimbo" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.