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Example sentences for "anorexia"

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  1. The insomnia, depression, and anorexia became more marked, and the patient could not sleep unless heavily drugged.

  2. A peculiar type of anorexia is that striking and remarkable digestive disturbance of hysteria which Sir William Gull has called anorexia nervosa.

  3. At the outset in severe cases, there is elevation of temperature, labored breathing, accelerated pulse, anorexia and more or less swelling of the affected members.

  4. Where much intoxication is present, anorexia and dipsosis are to be noticed.

  5. Anorexia was usually complete during pyrexia, and not rarely patients were admitted to the hospital who asserted that for one or more days they had not taken any nourishment whatever.

  6. Anorexia is generally present in typhus fever from the beginning of the attack, and may persist until its close.

  7. The inflammation of the mouth and throat continues, with anorexia and thirst.

  8. As a rule, there is complete anorexia during all of the febrile paroxysm, while in the intermission the appetite soon returns, and is sometimes truly ravenous.

  9. Anorexia is sometimes a marked symptom before pain, vomiting, and other evidences of gastric indigestion are noted.

  10. Anorexia is a symptom of intestinal ulcer as a rule.

  11. Anorexia is complete; there are hiccough, nausea, vomiting of undigested food and mucous or bilious matters, and constipation with hard black stools.

  12. There are in these cases anorexia and vomiting, constipation and diarrhoea, colicky pains, mostly concentrated about the ileo-caecal region.

  13. USES: Anorexia in phthisis, chlorosis, cardiac diseases, surgical operations; also for vomiting of pregnancy.

  14. Orexine Tannate: a specific when simple, asthenic, or anemic anorexia the cause.

  15. Thus, for example, there exists in adult life a disturbance of the nervous system which is called "anorexia nervosa.

  16. Anorexia is a true scorbutic symptom, disappearing with remarkable rapidity when antiscorbutic food is given, and not capable of alleviation by tincture of gentian or other vegetable bitters.

  17. On the other hand, this anorexia may be secondary and not primary to the impairment of the growth impulse, which may lead to a dysfunction of various body processes.

  18. I have seen other cases of what may be termed anorexia epileptica, in which a total loss of appetite, and of the power of digestion, suddenly occurred along with epileptic fits.

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