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Example sentences for "antibiotics"

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anthropophagy; anthropos; anti; antiaircraft; antibiotic; antibodies; antibody; antic; antica; antiche
  1. The MD offered antibiotics and antispasmodics but Jeanne had no insurance, the remedies were unaffordable.

  2. A common pattern of symptom suppression under the contemporary medical model is this progression: treat colds with antihistamines until the body gets influenza; suppress a flu repeatedly with antibiotics and eventually you get pneumonia.

  3. Usually they bred poorly and died young of bacterial infections, there being no antibiotics in the 1920s.

  4. Few chemicals other than antibiotics have proved to be useful in the elimination or reduction of bacteroids.

  5. Antibiotics and stuff," he answered, and pulled a little flat plastic case out of a pocket.

  6. Somebody high up in Government circles got him out of Solar Exploitations field work and gave him a sinecure in an antibiotics laboratory, where he wound up as happy as a pig in a peanut field.

  7. Whenever the fish become ill or begin dying, the hobbyist is advised to put antibiotics or mild antiseptics into the tank, killing off most forms of microlife.

  8. Only the new antibiotics he had taken along, had kept the gangrene from killing him.

  9. Joe Kuzak, full of new antibiotics and coagulants, was still up and around.

  10. Displays will show the development of antibiotics and the early tools used in the manufacture of the so-called "miracle drugs," including a mold from Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin.

  11. For many agents, immunization or pre-exposure prophylaxis with antibiotics may prevent illness in those subsequently exposed.

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