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Example sentences for "batmen"

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  1. Accommodation was very limited, and I found the other officers of A Company,[19] four in number, with their batmen and cook all crowded together in a small shelter.

  2. The whole of C Company batmen were killed by a shell, and 2nd-Lieut.

  3. With regard to the officers, our batmen cook our grub, moderately well or atrociously badly, according to their capacity.

  4. With the exception of those who are on duty, the officers get along to the Company dug-out for their breakfast, which the batmen have been preparing.

  5. These our fearless batmen unrolled and nailed upon the roof.

  6. The batmen were sent out with a limbered cart, some smoke shell and the total establishment of billhooks, and forbidden to return without sufficient material for bedsteads, window-shutters, bookshelves and chairs.

  7. Both of us would have liked to take our batmen with us and to say: "Don't trouble, my man will do that for you.

  8. Then the batmen were fetched in and given the presents from the Christmas Tree.

  9. I shouted, and, observing that our batmen were hastily loading their rifles, ran for my revolver, determined to fire something into the air.

  10. Full of the glorious bursting weight of good news, I looked down upon our batmen at work in the cookhouse, and roared: "Pack the valises.

  11. They failed several times under fire, once they caused a riffle of real excitement in Archangel when they started a mutiny, and finally they were used chiefly as labor units and as valets and batmen for officers and horses.

  12. And the American and Russian officers and the orderlies and batmen each in his own place in the spacious rooms melted into a tender hearing that feared to move lest the spell be broken and the artist leave the instrument.

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