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Example sentences for "calory"

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calorie; calories; calorific; calorimeter; calorimetric; calotte; calotype; cals; caltrop; caltrops
  1. You've got the efficient housewife racket down pat even to the last calory your husband should be fed; and I'll warrant there isn't a Mary Ellen in Christendom who can find a spot of ignorance on you as big as a pinhead!

  2. He probably saw that she was a bigger business asset than any number of calory charts.

  3. On dividing the quantity of work that had disappeared by the quantity of heat which had been disengaged, he found that 424 kilogramme-metres of work had been expended for each calory of heat produced.

  4. He found that for each calory of heat which had disappeared there were produced 425 kilogramme-metres of work.

  5. Cut down the amount of your food; eat the bulky foods, which contain less calory value, and weigh yourself every day, and you will be surprised to discover how much less you need to eat than you have been accustomed to.

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