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  1. A calorie is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree.

  2. Instead of using the calorie I will use a unit which is equal to one hundred calories.

  3. This is ordinarily expressed in calories, a calorie being the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one thousand grams of water one degree on the centigrade thermometer scale.

  4. A calorie is the heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water one degree C.

  5. The calorie is the unit of heat, and heat is convertible into energy.

  6. By definition, it requires 1 calorie to raise the temperature of the gram of water 1 deg.

  7. The calorie is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a gram of water one centigrade degree.

  8. The two units may be compared thus: 1 Calorie = 3.

  9. Expressed in joules per calorie the result is 4.

  10. There can be no doubt, however, that the final result is the most accurate direct determination of the value of the mean calorie between 0 deg.

  11. Its relation to the calorie at any given temperature, such as 15 deg.

  12. Griffiths' final result for the average value of the calorie over this range was 4.

  13. The mean calorie cannot be accurately realized in practice in any simple manner, and is therefore unsuitable as a standard of comparison.

  14. The weight of mercury corresponding to the mean calorie has been determined with considerable care by a number of observers well skilled in the use of the instrument.

  15. The most practical unit is the calorie at 15 deg.

  16. Explain the meaning of calorie as applied to food.

  17. As will be remembered, the calorie is the unit employed to measure the amount of work that the food does in the body, either as a tissue builder or a producer of energy.

  18. The first version is a new, low-calorie version.

  19. This kind of nutritious, high vitamin, low calorie meal that features breast meat is a mainstay for Frank and me, and it has been for him for a long time.

  20. The wonderful thing about chicken is that the low cholesterol and the low calorie recipes are the same.

  21. Olives are actually a fairly low calorie food, with the average one having only 4-5 calories.

  22. It's also a low calorie and healthy recipe.

  23. What is the cost of a 100-Calorie portion?

  24. The following table shows the food value of a few of this group in terms of the weight of the 100-Calorie portion.

  25. What is the size and cost of a 100-Calorie portion of beef round?

  26. Estimate the cost of 100-Calorie portion of one or two given varieties.

  27. How much bread in the 100-Calorie portion?

  28. Inquire the price of fresh fruit in the market, and compute the cost of a 100-Calorie portion of two of the most common and cheapest.

  29. The following table gives the protein Calories in the 100-Calorie portions of some common food materials.

  30. Another method of estimating economy for this purpose is by calculating the cost of 100-Calorie portions of various food materials.

  31. The crude fibre is classed as a carbo-hydrate and included in the calorie value, and also in calculating the nutrient ratio.

  32. A calorie is a measure of the power of a food in generating heat and muscular energy (these two being convertible).

  33. Illustrating the amount of heat represented by one Calorie 83.

  34. Find the 100-Calorie portion of Soft Custard.

  35. The Form C given below will be found convenient to use in calculating the fuel value of menus from 100-Calorie portions.

  36. If one pint of water were placed over a lighted burner and heated until it increased four degrees in temperature, approximately one Calorie of heat would have been applied to the water (see Figure 82).

  37. One of the most interesting and useful pieces of home work that you can do is to estimate your own personal dietary, using the tables giving the 100-Calorie portion to see if you have a properly balanced diet.

  38. To determine the best individual balanced dietary (using standard of Atwater, Chittenden, or Voit) as determined by the use of the 100-Calorie portion.

  39. A Calorie is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water from zero to one degree Centigrade.

  40. We already know approximately our daily Calorie needs and about the proportion of protein, fat, and carbohydrate needed.

  41. The 100-calorie portion table and its use.

  42. A calorie from butter yields neither more nor less energy than a calorie from lard or bacon, olive oil or cottonseed oil.

  43. If every cook could say to herself, "Every two drops of fat make a calorie and every calorie counts in the world today," it might seem more worth while to hold the pan a minute and drain out the fat for further use.

  44. Calculation of the Weight of a Standard or 100-Calorie Portion.

  45. One of the difficulties which is likely to prevent the wide adoption of his treatment is the detailed knowledge of food composition and calorie value which it requires.

  46. A chart tracking Urine and Calorie Intake for the month of April.

  47. A Calorie is the amount of heat required to raise one kilogram of water 1 deg.

  48. The Advantages of High Calorie Diet~ over other diets are distinctly noticeable in typhoid fever patients.

  49. Fluid Diet~ is at times necessary since certain patients cannot tolerate a high calorie diet, but this is a point decided by the physician.

  50. It has been estimated that for every calorie yielded by milk, two extra calories must be provided by food.

  51. High Calorie Diet~ is one in which the fuel value of the food ingested meets or exceeds the energy expenditures of the patient.

  52. The mortality from the disease has been materially lessened by the administration of the high calorie diet.

  53. Low calorie days can be repeated once a week if necessary in order to keep the stomach in good order.

  54. Sidenote: A Unit of Measure] Now you know that a calorie is a unit of measuring heat and food.

  55. Look in the calorie lists for substitutes of the same classes of foods, if you do not like my combinations.

  56. On a 1200 calorie schedule arranged as I have it you will not be hungry, I assure you.

  57. Go on a fast or low calorie day for a day if necessary to get started.

  58. A calorie is the measure of a unit of heat, or the quantity of heat necessary to raise a liter of water from 0 deg.

  59. The understanding of the value of a calorie is indispensable for the comprehension of nutrition.

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