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  1. They are absorbed chiefly by the earth, the great medium of calorific absorption; but some portions are taken up by living things, both animal and vegetable.

  2. The fire-doors are kept open the least possible time; not a square inch of grate-surface is left unutilized, and every pound of coal gives out its maximum of calorific power, and in precisely the place where it is needed.

  3. The fuel ratio measures roughly the heat or calorific power of the coal, in other words, its fuel value.

  4. However, some bituminous coals have a higher calorific power than some anthracites, because a large part of their volatile matter is combustible and yields more heat than the corresponding weight of fixed carbon in the anthracite.

  5. Moreover, the radiation of calorific origin is here accompanied by a more or less important luminescence, and the problem becomes very complex.

  6. But we are very well acquainted with emission or absorption by incandescence, where the only transformation is that of calorific into radiating energy, or vice versa.

  7. Calorific conductivity is due, in fact, to an exchange of electrons between the hot and the cold regions, the heated electrons having the greater velocity, and consequently the more considerable energy.

  8. For a long time it has been noticed that a relation exists between the calorific and the electric conductivity; the relation of these two conductivities is sensibly the same for all metals.

  9. The calorific exchanges then obey laws similar to those which govern electric exchanges; and calculation even leads to the exact values which the measurements have given.

  10. We note that kinetic, potential, electrical, and chemical forms of energy have a great tendency to transform themselves into calorific energy.

  11. We have seen how Rubens showed us calorific rays 60 metres long; on the other hand, MM.

  12. It is therefore very important to study well the calorific phenomenon chosen as the unit of heat, and to determine with precision its mechanical equivalent, that is to say, the number of ergs necessary to produce this unit.

  13. A chemical reaction, for example, gives out energy; but if the reaction is not produced under very special conditions, this energy immediately passes into the calorific form.

  14. The effluvia, the radiating emanations by the aid of which two distant bodies form a calorific communication with each other, have been very appropriately designated by the name of radiating caloric.

  15. Experiments on the calorific and luminous actions of currents.

  16. The calorific radiations emanating from different sources, have all the characters of differently colored heterogeneous rays of light.

  17. We can form some idea of this calorific force by making certain comparisons.

  18. Calorific Value of Coal Gas and its Constituents.

  19. The utility or value of a fuel depends upon two principal factors, namely, its calorific power and its calorific intensity or pyrometric effect, that is, the sensible temperature of the products of combustion.

  20. The calorific intensity or pyrometric effect of any particular fuel depends upon so many variable elements that it cannot be determined except by actual experiment.

  21. The calorific power of absolutely dry woods may as an average be taken at about 4000 units, and when air-dried, i.

  22. The differences for the more important compound gaseous fuels are as follows:-- Calorific Value.

  23. In space the gain by using oil fuel is still greater, and 36 cubic feet of oil as stored are equal in practical calorific value to 67 cubic feet of coal according to the allowance usual for ship's bunkering.

  24. This gives rise to the distinction of higher and lower calorific values for such substances, the latter being those generally used in practice.

  25. The chief factors of economy are the greater calorific value of oil than coal (about 16 lb.

  26. It bears the title, "On the Calorific Effects of Magneto-Electricity, and the Mechanical Value of Heat.

  27. On the Calorific Effects of Magneto-Electricity and the Mechanical Value of Heat, by J.

  28. According to Mr. Prevost’s theory, we suppose that all bodies whatever radiate caloric; the thermometer used in these experiments therefore emits calorific rays in the same manner as any other substance.

  29. The principal use of the mirrors in this experiment is, to prove that the calorific emanation is reflected in the same manner as light.

  30. But what becomes of the surplus of calorific rays, which good radiators emit and bad radiators refuse to receive; they must wander about in search of a resting-place?

  31. The cost and calorific values as computed by Dr.

  32. On account of this large moisture content it has a relatively low calorific value, but when dry the amount of heat evolved per pound compares very favorably with soft coal.

  33. JAY On the Calorific Power of Fuel, and on Thompson's Calorimeter.

  34. It will be seen, therefore, that the calorific power, as determined by Thompson's apparatus, gives a much lower result when multiplied by 537 than the heat units calculated from the chemical composition of the coal.

  35. A brilliant sun, but without any calorific action, was just issuing from the ocean.

  36. Some day the coalrooms of steamers and the tenders of locomotives will, instead of coal, be stored with these two condensed gases, which will burn in the furnaces with enormous calorific power.

  37. However, upon addition of sugar and of milk or cream, with their content of protein, fat, and lactose, the calorific value of the cup of coffee rises.

  38. This has quite an appreciable content of protein and fat, both substances of high calorific value.

  39. Hence, we have a distinction applicable to the difference of momentum of luminous and calorific rays.

  40. Sixpence seems little, but the thrifty and poor Puritans would rather freeze their toes than pay sixpence for their calorific dogs.

  41. Cider sold in 1782 for six shillings "Old Tenor" a barrel, so it was worth about the same as the wood both in money value and calorific qualities.

  42. In these modern stations the recognized requirements of an up-to-date refuse-destruction plant have been well considered and good calorific results are also obtained.

  43. The composition of house refuse, which must obviously affect its calorific value, varies considerably in different localities, according to the condition, habits and pursuits of the people.

  44. In Bermondsey, for example, the refuse has been found to possess an unusually high calorific value, and this experience is confirmed in other parts of the metropolis.

  45. The calorific theory is at present the prevailing one in Europe and in this country.

  46. No modification of the calorific theory will account for them.

  47. It is the fundamental idea of his calorific theory, that they are drawn by the suction caused by a vacuum, and the vacuum created by expansion and overflow above, in obedience to the law of gravity; that the S.

  48. Calorific action of the sun and diurnal rotation of the earth"--the received calorific theory.

  49. But it is perfectly consistent with the calorific theory to attempt to account for these differences by another of those ever-necessary modifications, viz.

  50. It will not do to say, as perhaps some calorific theorist may be inclined to say, because the concentrated trade had been carried up where it was cold, a month too soon; or that the sun had heated the land in advance of it, and drawn it up.

  51. Hence we see that in examining the calorific effects of clearing forests, it is important to take into account the properties of the soil laid bare.

  52. If we suppose the fecundation of the flowers of forest trees to be attended with a tenth only of this calorific power, they could not fail to exert an important influence on the warmth of the atmospheric strata in contact with them.

  53. The first of these is a portable apparatus designed for lighting gas burners, and is based upon the calorific properties of the electric spark produced by the induction bobbin.

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