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Example sentences for "camouflaging"

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  1. That fellow's idea of camouflaging was to bury himself under a couple of tons of green stuff and then move the whole business along like a clumsy old Zeppelin.

  2. German camouflaging is still visible on the right-hand side of the road.

  3. Master of theatrical trick and device that he is, none the less David Belasco could learn lessons at our camouflaging plant.

  4. As a branch of military modernism camouflaging is even newer than the trade of scientific salvaging is and offers far larger opportunities for future exploitation.

  5. Under their camouflaging they look like speckled pups when they do not look like spotted circus ponies.

  6. Holmes, whose medical writings and observations place him far ahead of his era psychologically, of genteelly camouflaging a portrait of variance, 100 years ago, by making the girl a creature of macabre fantasy.

  7. Also contains a pathetic pair of lesbians, one camouflaging her true leanings by pretending to be the campus whore.

  8. Sufficient camouflaging had been done, however, to render the spot reasonably secure from bombing.

  9. Because you can make up your mind if the Germans were afraid to fire the piece at night at first for fear of being discovered, and if now they are firing after dark, they have some means of camouflaging the flash.

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