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Example sentences for "campaigned"

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  1. As a warrior he had campaigned with the British under General Burgoyne who surrendered at Saratoga.

  2. Colonel John Gibbon, who had campaigned against Sitting Bull, now took up the chase.

  3. We campaigned in regions where forage was scarce and where it could not be brought up from the rear.

  4. We found the country in this part of Tennessee richer and finer than any we had campaigned in, much more open, with well-tilled farms.

  5. Egypt that campaigned against them they repulsed, and did not yield till a tribune from the pretorian guard was sent against them.

  6. With these "Corsican Rangers" Lowe campaigned in Egypt and finally at Capri, their devotion to him nerving them to a gallant but unavailing defence of this islet against a superior force of Murat's troops in 1808.

  7. The two men were well acquainted, having campaigned together during the 1868 Indian war.

  8. By this time life on the frontier was an old story to her, for she had campaigned under similar conditions in Kansas and in the far West.

  9. He had campaigned through the valley, was familiar with the lay of the land, and said he had friends among the inhabitants.

  10. Have we not campaigned together, fought and starved together?

  11. They practically compelled consideration of the suffrage resolution and after its defeat campaigned against the enemies, ending the political careers of some of them.

  12. Mrs. Shuler came three times and campaigned all over the State.

  13. She came and again campaigned the State and through her efforts every labor organization pledged its support.

  14. Throughout the summer suffragists of all groups campaigned vigorously for the recognition of woman suffrage in the State constitutional convention expected in the autumn, but the convention itself was voted down at the polls.

  15. His acquaintance with the Wenlocks dated from just a year back: with the family that is, for he and Frank had, as we have said, campaigned together in Rhodesia.

  16. Along with the Grain Growers of Manitoba and Saskatchewan the United Farmers of Alberta had campaigned consistently for government ownership of elevators, both provincial and terminal.

  17. Now, what about the country elevators for government control of which the farmers had campaigned so vigorously in the three Prairie Provinces?

  18. It seems a long seven years, Mr. President, since I first campaigned with you when you were running for Governor of New Jersey.

  19. It is interesting to record that she defeated the first candidate for the New York Assembly ever campaigned against on this issue.

  20. We have campaigned incognito, partly by choice and partly (let me be candid) by necessity.

  21. Miss Chuff also campaigned strenuously among the women, where Purplevein (being a bachelor) was at a disadvantage.

  22. In my opinion it was twice as large as the crowd that was present when Mr. Kennedy campaigned in Dallas in 1960.

  23. I would estimate that the crowds were twice as big as they were in September of 1960 when Mr. Kennedy campaigned in Dallas.

  24. Therefore the association campaigned in the States for amendments to their constitutions.

  25. I will say to my comrades who campaigned solely in the South, that my experience, both North and South, leads me to believe there is no comparison.

  26. Here where vacuous-eyed children of an inbred strain stared out from the doors of crumbling and windowless shacks, or fled from a strange face, he campaigned among the illiterate elders and oftentimes he sickened at what he saw.

  27. I have met most of the European commanders of my day, I have campaigned with not a few.

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