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  1. Next followed the campaigns on the west of the Euphrates.

  2. The golden age for the temples began with the Asiatic campaigns of the XVIIIth Dynasty.

  3. These cylinders tell of various campaigns of the great conqueror, including several attacks upon Israel.

  4. And although the different campaigns of which we know are distributed over almost the whole of his long reign, we find mention of only one short war against Aahmes of Egypt in the thirty-seventh year of it.

  5. The Assyrian campaigns of two centuries ended in the political and national fall of the races of Syria.

  6. Is successful in campaigns against the people of Elam and Lulubi, even penetrates into Syria.

  7. Took charge of foreign campaigns in his father’s reign.

  8. It is merely to be understood that the two records refer to different campaigns or to different portions of the same campaign, as explained later by Professor Tiele.

  9. In later years Tiglathpileser undertook campaigns in the west.

  10. Tehutimes IV, son of Amenhotep, was the next king of Egypt, and his successful campaigns confirmed his power in Syria and Ethiopia.

  11. Again, in the case of certain other monarchs, there are brief records of campaigns and conquests against neighbouring peoples whose very names, perhaps, have been preserved to us only through this incidental mention.

  12. Before he became ruler in his own name he had accomplished something toward this end by the successful campaigns he had conducted to insure the recognition of his father's authority.

  13. The Chinese thus brought to a triumphant conclusion the campaigns undertaken for the reassertion of their authority over the Mohammedan populations which had revolted.

  14. The armies of Keen Lung traversed the Gobi Desert and arrived in Central Asia, but the incapacity of his generals prevented the campaigns having those decisive results which he expected.

  15. Kublai prepared the way for his campaigns in Southern China by following a very wise and moderate policy in Northern China similar to that begun by Muhula, and carried out with greater effect by Yeliu Chutsai.

  16. In the latter campaigns of the war she became the prisoner of Burgundy, who delivered her over to the English.

  17. His Campaigns were really wonderful in their success.

  18. All that he did in that way was always so combined with Salvation Campaigns that at every step he was really recruiting for The Army.

  19. Though after having it taken out, he very largely rallied, and passed through grand Campaigns for some years, he was ever looking forward to the operation on the other eye, which was to restore him to partial sight.

  20. This remained my guiding aim; but incidentally thereto I had by this determined to prepare a critical analysis of the naval campaigns and battles, a decision for which I had to thank Jomini chiefly.

  21. We organize letter-writing and publicity campaigns on behalf of individual victims of human rights violations.

  22. But it's not going to be easy, because there are these well financed right-wing campaigns trying to block it.

  23. Indeed, our former campaigns with the Mahrattas had proved that this race of freebooters were as a whole somewhat deficient in courage, and it was this very deficiency which proved the salvation of those within the fort.

  24. It was the Christian ministry and the church membership that made possible the Red Cross drives during the war, and the other financial campaigns for relief and other calls incident to the war.

  25. Lee's campaigns and battles "exhibit the triumph of profound intelligence, of calculation, and of well-employed force over numbers and disunited counsels.

  26. He did not go into political campaigns to any great extent, as is now the custom with political leaders on the eve of important elections.

  27. During the two last campaigns of the war he had been almost constantly at head-quarters, and his advice, we were assured, was much respected.

  28. The campaigns in East Africa which resulted in driving the Germans from their former colonies are described in the following narrative.

  29. His campaigns are over, his sword is hung up, he leaves Eastern suns and battles to warm younger blood.

  30. Illustration] Chronology of the War Showing Progress of Campaigns on All Fronts and Collateral Events from Jan.

  31. He, however, at one time, in the course of his campaigns in Greece, narrowly escaped a very sudden termination of his career.

  32. In these campaigns he met with a great variety of adventures, and experienced every possible fate that the fortune of war could bring.

  33. He was well known in Macedon, his former campaigns in that country having brought him very extensively before the people and the army there.

  34. Whether we fight in street brawls or in campaigns against tuberculosis, we are still, as it were, born fighters.

  35. In the campaigns of the ensuing summer and autumn he was invited to almost every Northern State, and exerted himself for too long a period.

  36. He served in the Union Army with the rank of Colonel in the Donelson and Shiloh campaigns under General Grant.

  37. Regional Teaching Committees for them to carry on active teaching campaigns and finance travelling teachers and settlers—if possible.

  38. I endeavored to recall the latest events of my career, but in vain; the real and the visionary were inextricably mingled, and the scenes of my campaigns were blended with hopes and fears and doubts which had no existence save in my dreams.

  39. The captain, who was the oldest of the party, was a fine soldier-like fellow of some forty years old; he had served in the Imperial Guard through all the campaigns of Italy and Austria, and abounded in anecdotes of the French army.

  40. I subdued them in campaigns in which you took their side in opposition to myself.

  41. As a sequel, the hopes and spirits of the Thebans were again kindled into new life, and they made campaigns against Thespiae and the other provincial cities of Boeotia.

  42. There the French came into collision with a powerful slave-raiding chief, Samory, whom they worsted in a series of campaigns in the five years following.

  43. Hinde, finally worsted the Arabs after two long and wearisome campaigns waged on the Upper Congo.

  44. From this extremity the invaders were saved by the lack among the Turks of the above-named gifts, on which, rather than on mere bravery, the issue of campaigns and the fate of nations now ultimately depend.

  45. He accomplished this by one of the most brilliant campaigns of the war.

  46. He at once inaugurated two campaigns to be carried on at once.

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