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Example sentences for "certitudes"

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  1. He was also a Christian who planted himself on the certitudes of religious faith, and was shocked by the flippant and shallow infidelity which passed current for progress and improvement.

  2. The certitudes of faith, of love, of friendship, are of small value when compared with the blessings of outward prosperity.

  3. We quote his brief sayings as expressive of what we feel and know of the certitudes of our moral and intellectual life.

  4. It seeks to penetrate the secrets of struggling humanity, at war often with those certitudes which are the consolation of our inner life.

  5. But of all these stately certitudes there is not one but walks in darkness no human eye nor thought can penetrate.

  6. By interlocking its multiform, infolded, self-evident certitudes he framed all his arguments.

  7. Until other certitudes reach us, it behoves us, who are men, to continue just in the human way and the human sphere.

  8. How delightfully he presents the endearments of home, the certitudes of friendship, the peace of agricultural life, the repose of all industrial pursuits, however humble and obscure!

  9. Whatever promotes these certitudes is the highest political wisdom.

  10. The permanent is eternally based on the certitudes of life, which are moral and intellectual rather than mechanical and material.

  11. God, and there is immortality and eternal justice: these are the great certitudes of human life, and it is only by these that the soul will expand and be happy forever.

  12. She asked herself at times if he suspected how more than subtly, how perversely, she had dispensed with him, and she balanced between visions of all he must privately have guessed and certitudes that he had guessed nothing whatever.

  13. The soul can repose only on the certitudes of heaven; those who are joined together by the gospel feel alike the misery of the fall and the glory of the restoration.

  14. Assents may and do change; certitudes endure.

  15. No line can be drawn between such real certitudes as have truth for their object, and apparent certitudes.

  16. Certitudes indeed do not change, but who shall pretend that assents are indefectible?

  17. And who has not thus been balked by false certitudes a hundred times in the course of his experience?

  18. False certitudes are faults because they are false, not because they are (so-called) certitudes.

  19. All my certitudes before and after are henceforth destroyed by the introduction of a reasonable doubt, underlying them all.

  20. He gloried in the certitudes which consciousness reveals, as well as in the facts which experience and history demonstrate.

  21. How concisely the historian compresses the incidents of patriarchal life, the rise of empires, the fall of cities, the certitudes of faith, of friendship, and of love!

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