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Example sentences for "chinless"

Lexicographically close words:
chinkapins; chinked; chinking; chinks; chinky; chinned; chinning; chinny; chinquapin; chinquapins
  1. M'Curdy Atkinson, The same that had the wooden leg And that filibustering filibeg That never dared to slake his drouth, Magee that had the chinless mouth.

  2. He spluttered to the air: --O, the chinless Chinaman!

  3. Like all trailmen he had the chinless face and lobeless ears, the heavy-haired body which looked slightly less than human.

  4. Yet who in the world cares how perfect the nature may be, how humble, how sweet, how gracious, that dwells in a chinless body?

  5. Unfortunately, we have only one bone of this primitive race, the jaw found at Mauer in 1907, but its massive size and chinless contour suggest a being midway between the Java man and the Neanderthal race.

  6. It was inevitable that his character should become as chinless as his face.

  7. Peggy and George would be her friends again, and the dead Mr. Johnstone, and the naked baby, and the chinless young man would be with her in the evenings.

  8. Yes--the chinless gentleman with gentle brown and protruding eyes and the expression of a tame brontosaurus.

  9. So was he; I mean the infatuated chinless gentleman whose facial ensemble remotely resembled the features of a pleased and placid lizard of the Reptilian period.

  10. Archie introduced Small to the Colonel and the Colonel introduced us to the chinless boy, who said he was charmed, stepped up on the tee and whacked his ball into the rough.

  11. The chinless boy is playing alone these days; better pickings elsewhere.

  12. In less than five minutes by the watch the chinless boy was sitting over in a corner, alone with a lemonade, and the Colonel had Small by the buttonhole, talking Chicago to him.

  13. The Colonel was in a better humour and was offering to give the chinless boy a stroke and play him double or quits on the last hole--sure proof that he had him badly licked.

  14. Take it over," said the chinless boy, who was a sport if nothing else.

  15. His latest victim was a chinless youth from Poughkeepsie with money to burn and no fear of matches.

  16. I knew he would when I saw who was ahead of us--Colonel Jimmy and the chinless boy.

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