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Example sentences for "cholesterol"

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  1. According to Mathews, cholesterol is an essential constituent of the blood, and is found in the brain and in nearly all living tissues.

  2. Another method is to convert the substance into acetate, and take its melting point, cholesterol acetate melting at 114.

  3. The presence of cholesterol and phytosterol may be detected by dissolving a small portion of the unsaponifiable matter in acetic anhydride, and adding a drop of the solution to one drop of 50 per cent.

  4. Cholesterol is frequently found in animal fats, and phytosterol is a very similar substance present in vegetable fats.

  5. Additional tests for cholesterol have been recently proposed by Lifsch├╝tz (Ber.

  6. In that due to the former, which depends on the oxidation of cholesterol to oxycholesterol ester and oxycholesterol, a few milligrammes of the substance are dissolved in 2-3 c.

  7. Cholesterol 153 Chapter Four$Chicken For Children This chapter is going to be about cooking for and by kids, but I got the idea for it when I was thinking about something entirely different.

  8. The wonderful thing about chicken is that the low cholesterol and the low calorie recipes are the same.

  9. If calories or cholesterol are important to you, choose the breast meat.

  10. Frank watches his cholesterol and I've never seen him go for anything but breast meat.

  11. It is an emulsifier, breaking fats down into small separate particles, keeping blood cholesterol emulsified to prevent arterial deposits.

  12. Taken persistently, lecithin partially and slowly eliminates existing cholesterol deposits from the circulatory system.

  13. There are now millions of frightened Americans who, following the advice of mainstream Authority, have eliminated red meat from their diets and greatly reduced what they (mistakenly) understand as high-cholesterol foods.

  14. Cholesterol only becomes a problem because of deranged body chemistry due to the kind of overall malnutrition Americans usually experience on their junk food diets.

  15. The term includes such substances as the higher alcohols, such as cholesterol which is found in animal fats, phytosterol found in some vegetable fats, paraffin and petroleum oils, etc.

  16. In the natural fats and oils there are present also certain higher alcohols, of which cholesterol is characteristic of the animal fats and oils and phytosterol of many of the vegetable fats and oils.

  17. The cholesterol in linseed or fish oil, which of course may be present in the soap, also give this reaction.

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