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Example sentences for "dampest"

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dampen; dampened; dampening; damper; dampers; damping; dampish; damply; dampned; dampness
  1. In July, the dampest month, the saturation-point is 0.

  2. In the dampest month (July) the mean dew-point is only eight-tenths of a degree below the temperature, whilst in December it sinks 10 degrees below it.

  3. Sikkim is hence the dampest region of the whole Himalaya.

  4. I have before mentioned (chapter xxiii) that in descending in autumn from the drier and more sunny rearward Sikkim valleys, the vegetation is found to be most backward in the lowest and dampest regions.

  5. In the dampest corner of the dampest cellar, no mould gathers upon it, no decay penetrates it.

  6. Here again, the east flank was much the dampest and most luxuriantly wooded.

  7. And then coming out at the coldest, dampest end of it," supplied Melian severely.

  8. You oughtn't to have come out at the very dampest part of the whole day.

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