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Example sentences for "dampened"

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damosels; damozel; damp; damped; dampen; dampening; damper; dampers; dampest; damping
  1. If the weather is very warm, or there is no cool place in which to keep the dampened clothes, it is better to sprinkle them in the morning, as during the night they may turn sour.

  2. Painted walls may be wiped with a dry or dampened mop, or they may be washed with soap and water, or even with disinfectant, should this happen to be desirable.

  3. Rub the table thoroughly with a soft cloth dampened with the mixture, then rub it with a clean cloth.

  4. When this is accomplished, rub the floor with a soft thick cloth dampened with polish.

  5. If clothes are not well dampened they cannot be made smooth with the iron, yet they must not be so wet that they cool the irons and require an exceptional amount of pressing.

  6. Dampened sawdust is good for this purpose.

  7. It should then be rubbed briskly with a flannel or soft cotton cloth dampened with good furniture polish.

  8. It seemed to ooze out with the sweat which dampened his clothing, to be absorbed in his heated blood, and after a cooling bath he slept more profoundly than he had slept for years.

  9. He dampened a towel in ice-water, folded it, and laid it on the flushed brow.

  10. This development had been foreshadowed by earlier prints and pages of text which showed a slight indentation where the dampened paper received the impression.

  11. The paper was dampened and fastened to the chase at one end.

  12. Probably, too, the annoyances and outrages inflicted upon them by him and his troops, and his appointing the guerilla chief military commandant of the city dampened whatever ardor they had possessed.

  13. Sweeping out of town with the car's headlights illuminating the road, Steele Weir blessed the drizzling mist that dampened the dust so as to leave a tire's imprint.

  14. The perspiration dampened his face as he realized that as far as he was concerned the die was cast.

  15. After the first layer, carefully sift in more dampened moss about 1 inch thick and repeat the process until either the can is full or all the seeds have been stored.

  16. First, put down an even layer about 1-1/2 inches of this dampened moss, then put in a layer of chestnuts or other nuts to be stratified, placed evenly or well distributed but not touching each other.

  17. I recommend keeping such branches in dampened sphagnum moss until it is time for the pollen to ripen, or if a cold cellar is available, burying the cut ends of large branches carrying male catkins one foot deep in clean, moist sand.

  18. But his rage for speculation increased instead of being dampened by failure, and this to such a degree that there was not a single capitalist in Sarrio whom he had not tried to inveigle into some of his enterprises.

  19. The inundation had upset several boats, destroyed provisions, and dampened the spirits as well as the bodies of the men.

  20. The greater part of the journey was dampened by a series of April showers, but when they arrived at Paulus Hook and descended from the coach, the sun reappeared for a brief display before setting.

  21. The design is traced in the manner described in the last chapter, that is, by tracing over the dampened leather.

  22. The oftener the rubbing is done and the leather is dampened the higher the design will stand forth.

  23. Next best, though considerably less efficient, is the commonly practiced method of laying the fabric between dampened cloths and pressing with a hot iron until dry.

  24. Leather and paper are dampened and pasted smoothly on glass.

  25. Shann drew back, rubbed sand from his hands, his concern dampened by the other's patent hostility.

  26. Shann put another piece of his raft to work as a shovel, throwing up a shower of sand and gravel while sweat dampened his tattered blouse and was salt and sticky on his arms and face.

  27. A dank chill wrapped him here, dampened the holds to which he clung until he was afraid of slipping.

  28. Cold horror dampened my fury even as the dank air of the dungeon chilled my fevered body.

  29. A samurai covered my wounds with plasters of dampened paper; a tattered silk kimono was wrapped about me, and I was thrust into one of the cages.

  30. His freezing breath filled the place and dampened the fire.

  31. The people were very happy when they knew that the young brave had conquered the giant; but their joy was somewhat dampened when they heard about the threatened return of the Ice King.

  32. However, the enthusiasm of Afro-Americans was dampened by the fact that both the United States and Britain had voted against the resolution.

  33. Their immediate joy was somewhat dampened when they found that discrimination still continued in some quarters.

  34. Nothing dampened his spirits, no hardship daunted him; he was tireless, ferocious in his haste.

  35. His superintendents, summoned from their work, emerged from the red-painted office on the hill with dampened brows and frightened glances over their shoulders.

  36. Fresh ink stains may be removed by an application of dampened salt, allow to remain for several hours, or soak in warm milk or vinegar and water.

  37. After many trials and failures, he dampened a written sheet of paper, and pressed it on a smooth surface of wood until he had produced a fair transfer.

  38. The modern printer takes his proof on dampened paper with a tool known as the proof-planer.

  39. A little sphagnum moss, that was dampened slightly every few days, was kept around them.

  40. I coaxed them in the warmth of closed palms--I even laid them on dampened moss in the sun in the hope of softening the cases, and driving the moths out with the heat, but to no avail.

  41. It was filled with baked sand, covered with sphagnum moss, slightly dampened occasionally, and placed where it was cool, but never at actual freezing point.

  42. However, excess inventory, higher international oil prices, and rising interest rates dampened consumption in developed markets, and GDP growth dropped to 3.

  43. The resulting inflation and interest rate hikes dampened growth prospects in 2006.

  44. The heavy moisture dampened his clothes, and drifted into his face.

  45. But this they could not do, and the thought that she could not share their joy somewhat dampened their enthusiasm.

  46. To effect this object the mucilage should be thick, and the tracing paper should be dampened with a sponge after it is pasted.

  47. It would be so much easier and cheaper that I resolved once more to try it, though with hopes naturally dampened by my last moist experience.

  48. It is peculiarly adapted to light soils, but on my place has scalded and "dampened off" badly.

  49. There was one circumstance that greatly dampened the general feeling of joy, and made a mere thanksgiving of what might else have been a high-sounding jubilee.

  50. The day was very hot, and the perspiration streamed down his face and dampened his curls.

  51. Jean's delight was beyond all bounds, and he had hard work to contain his bubbling spirits, when he heard a piece of news that considerably dampened his ardour.

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