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Example sentences for "damping"

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dampened; dampening; damper; dampers; dampest; dampish; damply; dampned; dampness; damps
  1. I tried to picture the baronet, and the more my fancy laid on the colors, the more damping the prospect became.

  2. Still his sister hung back; in fact, my impetuosity seemed to have rather a damping effect upon her.

  3. Imperfect damping can sometimes be corrected in the same way.

  4. Damper flanges get loose on the damper rail and work to one side, causing defective damping and rattling.

  5. Defective damping is one of the most annoying conditions, and when one is employed to regulate a piano thoroughly and put it in order, he should see that no key is left in which this occurs.

  6. In many old squares some of the dampers fall upon nodal points, causing defective damping or harmonic after-tones.

  7. The dampers in the square action depend entirely upon their weight for their efficiency in damping the strings and returning after being raised by the key.

  8. Give two causes for defective damping in a square piano.

  9. The damping rollers should be thoroughly cleaned each day, in order to remove any scum or grease which may have been collected from the printing forme.

  10. In lithography generally, and in lithographic machine printing particularly, the damping of the stone is a matter which requires constant and careful attention; any arrangements for this purpose should therefore be as effective as possible.

  11. The arrangement of damping rollers shown in Fig.

  12. The transfer paper requires damping until it is quite limp, when it is brought into contact with the inked plate and subjected to a very heavy pressure.

  13. Pursuing this matter still further, the question of indiscriminate damping presents itself.

  14. It is by no means unusual to find that the paper, trimmed though it may be, has slightly convex or concave edges, owing either to insufficient damping or an inaccurate setting of the knife in the guillotine cutting machine.

  15. Damping and pasting must be repeated to help to remedy this until the whole fits together perfectly.

  16. Success depends before everything else upon uniform damping of the leather and correct heating of the tool.

  17. Give auriculas and carnations abundance of air, but keep the roots rather dry to prevent damping off.

  18. The damping of all absorbent surfaces, such as the floors or bare walls, &c.

  19. Carnations and picotees in pots must be kept rather dry to prevent damping off.

  20. During the growing period the atmosphere must be kept moist by damping the walls and pathways, and by syringing the plants according to their needs; when growth is completed less moisture will be necessary.

  21. In the vinery and peach-house, attend to the keeping down of insects by syringing; and promote the growth of the young shoots, by damping the walls and paths morning and evening.

  22. In these circumstances "syringing" and "damping down" are of value in cooling the temperature of the air in hothouses and greenhouses and increasing its humidity, thereby checking excessive transpiration.

  23. The weighing is conducted in the usual way by vibrations, except when the weight be small; it is then advisable to bring the pointer to zero, an operation rendered necessary by the damping due to the adhesion of water to the fibre.

  24. When he opened his eyes in consciousness Mona was bathing his forehead and damping his lips.

  25. And I, not knowing what else to do, took a basin of water, lukewarm, and bathed the wound with it, damping the forehead with water that was cold.

  26. The only chance is to keep damping the part damaged until the clay all round gets quite moist again, and you must then model another piece on to the broken part.

  27. It is as well to work the clay up in one's hands, damping it occasionally if too dry.

  28. The principal measures that are widely used are seed treatment against damping off, use of resistant strains against fusarium wilt and application of bordeaux mixture against leaf blights.

  29. Damping off is caused by various fungi in the seed bed which attack the stem near the surface of the soil and cause the plant to drop over and die.

  30. When the young plants are growing, constant watchfulness is required to avoid conditions that will weaken the seedlings and favor the damping off fungi.

  31. If damping off develops something can be done to check it by scattering a layer of dry, warm sand over the surface, and by spraying the bed thoroughly with weak Bordeaux or by applying dry sulphur and air-slaked lime.

  32. Several kinds of fungi are capable of causing damping off, under such conditions.

  33. The world supported his pretension; and her passion to serve as Chillon's comrade sank at a damping because it was flame.

  34. Such a device has proven very effective in damping out oscillations started from any cause, the same winding doing duty as a damping device and to assist the starting characteristics.

  35. This action is similar to that of the running torque of an induction motor and the damping device has been still further developed until in its best form it resembles the armature winding of a "squirrel cage" induction motor.

  36. Not the slightest injury will accrue from the process described, provided due care is taken that there is no overstraining, and the damping is neither excessive nor insufficient.

  37. After carefully noting this, and damping round the inner edge, these are removed and placed aside.

  38. He has always at hand a jar of water ready for any damping required in the number of little odd jobs constantly occurring.

  39. When lowered their outer edges press more or less lightly on the soft flanks of the insect, thus diminishing the vibratory area and damping the sound.

  40. It resumes work, damping the hard soil the better to remove it with its talons, reducing the debris to mud, in order to pack it tightly around it and obtain a free passage.

  41. The least tendency to dryness should at once be relieved by damping the wall and floor surfaces.

  42. In damping the floors of the mushroom house, as well as the beds, I use a medium-sized watering pot and fine rose; but in sprinkling the walls and other parts not readily accessible by the watering pot I use a common garden syringe.

  43. The absence of all signs of approbation or disapprobation, while a senator is addressing the House, gives a coldness to the debate, and I should think must have a damping effect upon the enthusiasm of the speaker.

  44. On the other hand, the provision of these heavy damping springs makes it necessary that this transmitter shall be spoken into directly by the user.

  45. The purpose of the damping springs is to reduce the sensitiveness of the diaphragm to extraneous sounds.

  46. Against the rear face of the diaphragm of this transmitter there rest two damping springs.

  47. The damping springs are prevented from coming into actual contact with the diaphragm by small insulating pads.

  48. In all the transmitters so far discussed damping springs of one form or another have been employed to reduce the sensitiveness of the instrument.

  49. This transmitter is provided with damping springs similar to those of the White instrument.

  50. Oscillations in which the damping factor is small.

  51. Oscillations in which the damping factor is large.

  52. The term "damping effect" means the offering of a retarding force to control swinging vibrations, such as the movements of a galvanometer needle, and to bring them quickly to rest.

  53. Sometimes the instrument is fitted with a damping coil, or closed coil so arranged with respect to the moving system that the oscillations of the latter give rise to electric currents in the closed coil, whereby energy is dissipated.

  54. In construction the magnetic system is given considerable weight, and arranged to give the least possible damping effect.

  55. The damping effect in these instruments is produced by an aluminum disc moving in a magnetic field, and is proportional to the square of the magnet strength.

  56. The damping effect in these instruments is produced by an aluminum disc moving in a magnetic field.

  57. Galvanometers are frequently provided with damping devices for the purpose of annulling these oscillations, thus causing the moving part to assume its final position as quickly as possible.

  58. The movements of the pointer are damped by means of an air vane; there is also a friction damping device operated by a small button to check excessive oscillations of the pointer.

  59. In actual meter S is divided, the lower shaft carrying armature A, and the upper shaft damping disc D.

  60. The moving coil is wound upon a form of aluminum, which serves the purpose of damping by the generation of eddy currents.

  61. Dick felt a momentary damping of the spirits when it occurred to him that Penwarden's place of concealment might be some nook below the cliffs.

  62. And presently they drifted away, joining other groups, where the reminder that Bill had been derided by the whole camp for his absurd purchase had an equally damping effect.

  63. He ignored her as he ignored all the rest of the boarders, and devoured his meal in absolute silence--in so far as any speech went--wrapt in an impenetrable moroseness which had a damping effect upon the entire company.

  64. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "damping" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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