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  1. Aluminum castings are obtained from the foundry of the parent company, Luftschiffbau-Zeppelin.

  2. It was made up of an immense aluminum framework including 24 longitudinal girders running from nose to tail and drawn together at the ends.

  3. The discovery of aluminum made this problem less difficult, however, and many models were designed with the framework of this light material.

  4. There has been sufficient work on motor cars, motor boats, motors, gears, aluminum foundry work, etc.

  5. With jerked deer meat, prepared the week before, and some soggy flapjacks baked in an aluminum oven, they made a satisfactory meal.

  6. When all this had been attended to, Sandy filled a haversack with food and packed a small aluminum kettle and set out on snowshoes on his solitary travels.

  7. The condenser consists of a series of aluminum plates, some of which are movable and the rest stationary.

  8. The aluminum plates are spaced very closely and great care should be taken to avoid bending them, as they must not touch each other.

  9. A mug that will stand heat is the first thing required, and an aluminum cup of standard shape and design, which can be bought in almost every town, will do perfectly well.

  10. Small quantities of brass or aluminum can be melted in about 10 minutes in the furnace.

  11. The pointer should be made of some nonmagnetic material, such as aluminum or brass, and it should be as long as it may be conveniently made.

  12. Filing Soft Metals It is well known to mechanics that when lead, tin, soft solder or aluminum are filed, the file is soon filled with the metal and it will not cut.

  13. All these things will go inside the aluminum coffee pot, which will nest in the two aluminum kettles.

  14. The aluminum frying pans I have found unsatisfactory for several reasons.

  15. They will drop into the aluminum coffee pot.

  16. The angles are correct, and the aluminum is easily kept bright.

  17. The Abercrombie & Fitch balloon silk tents, food bags, pack harness, aluminum alloys, and reflector ovens completely fill the bill.

  18. Then I made one more try, purchased an aluminum baker of Abercrombie & Fitch, and have had good bread at minimum trouble.

  19. Short experience taught me, however, that even this aluminum alloy was not best for every item of the culinary outfit.

  20. The cathode is a hollow cylinder of aluminum placed concentrically in a larger cylinder of lead, and the whole immersed in electrolyte of sodium phosphate in an ebonite containing vessel.

  21. The aluminum alloy electrodes are mounted on an insulated bracket that slides up and down on a ΒΌ" rod.

  22. The prepared plate is placed in contact with an aluminum sheet and the combination is then formed by submitting it to an alternating pressure until sparking, which at first occurs, ceases.

  23. It differs from the latter in that it has two cathodes of aluminum and an anode of lead or platinum, suspended in the one cell.

  24. It is of the Nodon type employing a cathode of magnesium-aluminum alloy, and probably iron or lead as anode, with an electrolyte of ammonium borate.

  25. This is an electrolytic rectifier in which the cathode is a rod of aluminum alloy held centrally in a leaden vessel which forms the anode and contains the electrolyte, a concentrated solution of ammonium phosphate.

  26. The middle iron electrode must hang straight down in the solution and not touch either of the other aluminum alloy electrodes.

  27. The cathode is of aluminum or aluminum alloy, and the other electrode, which has considerably more surface, is the containing vessel.

  28. It is due to the formation of a ~film~ of normal hydroxide of aluminum, over the surface of the aluminum electrode.

  29. He protects his eyes by means of heavy dark glasses, wears shields of aluminum over his hands and applies the mixture through a small hole in the bottom of a crucible.

  30. It was the little link of aluminum they took from the leg of the dead pigeon.

  31. She wanted me to show the children the tiny aluminum bracelet and cartridge which held the S.

  32. I could have done it gladly when he was alive, but now that little link of aluminum has associations too sacred for me to hold up for the curious public to gape at.

  33. General Jake Marlin had his trailer in the field--a zigzag gash in its gleaming aluminum side, his flag soggy.

  34. Raising the lid of his aluminum fly box he grinned: Jesus .

  35. Buoyancy was provided for by having several tanks for the introduction of compressed air, and there was an emergency arrangement so that a collapsible aluminum container could be distended and filled with a powerful gas.

  36. When near the landing place, just at the side of the house, the motor was stopped, and the gas, with a hissing noise, rushed into the red aluminum container.

  37. They needed aluminum ore of a grade high enough that they could extract the pure aluminum oxide.

  38. The ore would have to be refined to pure aluminum oxide before it could be smelted," George said.

  39. But there are seams of a bauxite-like clay in the Western hills--they're certain to contain aluminum to at least some extent.

  40. We have everything we need to smelt aluminum ore--except the aluminum ore.

  41. Molten aluminum flowed out into the ingot mold in a little stream; more beautiful to them than any gems could ever be, bright and gleaming in its promise that more than six generations of imprisonment would soon be ended.

  42. The aluminum ore isn't what we thought it would be.

  43. And you can't smelt aluminum ore in an ordinary furnace--only in an electric furnace with a generator that can supply a high amperage.

  44. It was enough, with some aluminum above the amount needed for the wire.

  45. It wouldn't be big enough to power the hyperspace transmitter but it should be big enough to smelt aluminum ore.

  46. The aluminum smelting continued until the supply of rubies and sapphires in the chasm had been exhausted but for small and scattered fragments.

  47. Have you produced any aluminum oxide at all?

  48. Spring came and he was determined they would be smelting aluminum before the summer was over even though he had no idea where the ore would be found.

  49. I keep it in an aluminum flask with a cork lined metal screw top.

  50. Also under the application of dry heat to an aluminum fry pan the food sticks and burns so the fry pan is preferably of light stamped steel.

  51. The unalloyed aluminum is too soft and easily bends out of shape with hard usage and dry heat, hence a stiffener is added yet without appreciable change of weight.

  52. Aluminum alloy has few merits beyond lightness: it is a quick heat conductor, hence the cup had better be of some other material such as enamel ware so as to save the lips from blistering.

  53. However, where lightness is the great desideratum all parts of the cooking kit should be made of aluminum alloy.

  54. A large aluminum alloy tablespoon, a small steel fork and the sheath or pocket knife or flat stick which displaces the table knife completes the kit.

  55. Aluminum alloy is a boon to the camper, it being the ideal material for certain outdoor utensils.

  56. It tipped the tall crags with lavender hues, and it touched with soft gleaming reflections a blunted cylinder of aluminum alloy.

  57. The shining cylinder of aluminum alloy was hurtling through space.

  58. The aluminum alloy was harder than pure aluminum, of course, but he had managed it with a knife.

  59. The bullet had entered the aluminum crankcase of the motor and pierced it through.

  60. Still, it was small, he reasoned, only by comparison with its monster prototype: actually it was a sizable cylinder of aluminum that shone brightly in the sun.

  61. If done in gold or aluminum apply a coat of rubbing varnish over the leaf before shading and washing with the transparent colors.

  62. The lettering and ornamental work upon the body may be done in aluminum leaf, the shadings and striping being placed in green or blue.

  63. An ornament of this style looks very catchy and handsome done in aluminum leaf.

  64. She could be fitted with aluminum pontoons, and, with a propeller device installed, we could start her upward from the water as easily as from the land.

  65. A few seconds later the delighted reporter was sitting on a small aluminum seat fitted with clamps to screw to the framework, and handles to grasp hold of tightly when the craft was in mid-air.

  66. Meanwhile the two aluminum pots full of snow, replenished from time to time as it melts, are put upon the stove in the tent as the necessary preliminary to cooking.

  67. Melting snow is a tedious business at best; but, since three times out of four when camping it must be done, the aluminum pots are a treasure.

  68. If this be so despite aluminum pots and a full kit of camp vessels, it is much more so with the native, whose supply of pots and pans is very limited.

  69. Never use tin, aluminum or soft metal--the taste may come off to taint the job.

  70. When it comes to making all this into a rare bit of Rabbit there is: The One and Only Method Use a double boiler, or preferably a chafing dish, avoiding aluminum and other soft metals.

  71. United States patent on an improved French drip pot made of aluminum and provided with a vacuum jacket in the dripper section, and a hot-water jacket in the serving portion, to keep the beverage hot.

  72. This is an aluminum device to fit any coffee pot, combining French drip and filtration ideas, with Japanese paper as the filtration medium.

  73. The test proved most successful, and the scrap aluminum drives were soon extended throughout the nation.

  74. Richmond along with Madison, Wisconsin, was selected as a test city for a scrap aluminum drive.

  75. Aluminum is fast becoming an important article of commerce, and it is destined to become more and more so on account of its extreme lightness as compared to other metals.

  76. Metallic aluminum in a melted state sinks to the bottom of the crucible, where it is dipped out from time to time with large iron ladles and poured into sand and molded into blocks similar to that of pig iron.

  77. Aluminum is found in one of its compounds in great quantities in nature, especially in certain kinds of clay and in a state of silicate, as in feldspar and its associated minerals.

  78. It is estimated that in its various compounds aluminum forms about one-twelfth of the crust of the earth.

  79. Aluminum is a very light metal, with a color somewhat lighter than silver; its specific gravity being about one-third that of iron.

  80. This hole is the gate through which the molten aluminum is forced.

  81. Fused aluminum alloy is poured into a hopper on the casting machine.

  82. Briefly, it is a method of casting printing plates of aluminum alloy in molds made from a composition of plaster-of-paris.

  83. A piston operated by the agency of compressed air forces the aluminum evenly into all parts of the plaster matrix.

  84. All the aluminum parts as well as a large proportion of the brass, are also cast in this foundry.

  85. The turquoise, a phosphate of aluminum colored with copper, is not synthetically produced, although various experiments with its manufacture have been made.

  86. The other is a pad made of aluminum which is concave on one side and convex on the other and may be used in a wet pack.

  87. A few drops of sulphuric acid in water will restore the luster to aluminum ware.

  88. Use 5 parts of tin and 1 part of aluminum as the alloy, and solder with the iron or a blow pipe.

  89. In making patterns for aluminum castings provision must be made for shrinkage to a greater extent than with any other metal or alloy.

  90. The toughness of aluminum can be increased by adding a small per cent.

  91. A tool ground in a certain way and set at a particular angle might do the work admirably on a piece of steel, but would not possibly work on aluminum or brass.

  92. The aluminum must be well cleaned before applying.

  93. A mixture of equal parts of cryolite and barium chloride is very good in soldering bronze or aluminum alloys.

  94. Silver one-fourth part, and aluminum three-fourth parts.

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