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Example sentences for "deader"

Lexicographically close words:
deade; deaden; deadened; deadening; deadens; deadest; deadfall; deadfalls; deadlie; deadlier
  1. In less than three weeks his dead body was being hauled over the side of a yacht in the Adriatic, and my eight hundred pounds was deader than Dead-Sea fruit, for I never heard of it again .

  2. I've never seen a deader Nazi than the late Wilhelm Androtten, alias X.

  3. I'd go off my conk if mine weren't two of the billion fists that are smashing and will go on smashing back at fascism until it's deader than Willie Androtten.

  4. A little deader than it had been, perhaps, but it was there on the step, long hair and all.

  5. A cat can't be any deader than that one is.

  6. Tis far an' away deader than it was yisterday.

  7. Then she was a deader and had attained distinction in the only way possible in that street.

  8. When Tommy knew that Reddy was a deader he cried bitterly, and the man said, very gently, "I am glad you were so fond of her.

  9. We are probably all deader than we need be.

  10. No; yet it has set me wondering whether, perhaps, I am dead--at any rate deader than I need be.

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