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Example sentences for "decimating"

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  1. Desertion and fatigue were already decimating the soldiers.

  2. A terrible epidemic was decimating those who were left of the defenders of Saragossa.

  3. There was everywhere a terrible outcry against the burden of taxation; and famine and pestilence--the sure successors of carnage and spoliation--were decimating the people.

  4. To-morrow the bill for decimating the cavaliers comes again into debate.

  5. The emigration, by decimating the upper ranks of the army, left space for him, and he was named general, by length of service.

  6. General Hood says they are enfilading his line, and are decimating his men, and he can't hold his position.

  7. Even the elements have of late seemed to combine against her, decimating whole cities of her southern possessions by earthquakes, and smiting her people with pestilence.

  8. Discipline counted for little or nothing in contending with men who fought single-handed and from ambush, decimating the ranks of an invading column, who in turn could only fire at random.

  9. If we had located their positions, so had they located ours, and their shells fell thick and fast along our lines, decimating our ranks.

  10. German shells were blowing up the ground around us, and decimating our advancing forces.

  11. For the young so released, the incidence of recovery was remarkably low, seeming to indicate that they were subject to decimating losses.

  12. Only a small percentage of the young known to have been born on an area ever survived to be live-trapped; this small percentage was indirect evidence of decimating losses in the young.

  13. England for fifteen years connived at a state of things which was decimating and impoverishing the provinces of Armenia, and costing more lives and causing more suffering in the aggregate than the massacres of Sassoun.

  14. After decimating the population, the Kurds burned and utterly destroyed many villages and drove off all their cattle and sheep and left the plains as if swept by cyclone and wrecked by earthquake.

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