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Example sentences for "defers"

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deferential; deferentially; deferre; deferred; deferring; deff; deffendre; defiance; defiances; defiant
  1. He defers the voyage to Macassar, and designs another.

  2. He defers his voyage, in consideration of the Portuguese merchants.

  3. Joy'd th' impatient lover stands, Her fingers kissing; and with sore restraint Defers his look'd for pleasures.

  4. Scarce his burning soul defers His hop'd-for joys.

  5. In an Indian council, when one of the speakers has advanced a matter of weight and urgency, the other party defers his reply to the following day, that due time may be allowed for deliberation.

  6. But His Highness defers it until the draught thereof be finished; it will be, I believe, next Tuesday before a further account can be had from {288} hence.

  7. Every foreign market opened defers the social problem in a like manner.

  8. A Man who defers doing what ought to be done, is guilty of Injustice so long as he defers it.

  9. It is well if one defers this inspection of St. Pierre, and does not go to it straight from the sombre glories of the cathedral.

  10. All this increases the rock-like appearance and defers the realisation that it is architecture and not nature until one is so near as to perceive some of the details.

  11. She studies no plots when her platform is set down, and defers no time when her hour is prefixed.

  12. On a stiff soil it is advisable to plant on ridges, and not too deeply; for deep planting encourages strong growth, and strong growth defers the production of fruit.

  13. The beds or borders intended for Petunias will be better without recent manure, for this tends to the excessive production of foliage and defers the flowering until late in the season.

  14. However, one naturally defers to a lady, especially when one is very much in her way.

  15. Therefore, for purposes of this discussion, it is assumed that the commander now defers consideration of such apportionment, and that he proceeds at this point to study measures for ensuring adequate freedom of action.

  16. If peaceful (diplomatic) means fail to settle the point at issue, the State abandons the policy in question, defers action to enforce it, or adopts stronger measures.

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