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Example sentences for "dehydrating"

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  1. It also, by its dehydrating action, renders silica from silicates insoluble.

  2. The dehydrating agents rapidly lose their efficiency on exposure to the air.

  3. It is also powerful dehydrating agent, having a strong affinity for water, and eating and corroding paper, wood, clothing, etc.

  4. It dissolves in water with a hissing noise and the production of heat, forming sulphuric acid, and is employed as a dehydrating agent.

  5. Since waxes contain no glycerol, they give no odor of acrolein when heated with dehydrating agents, do not become rancid, and are less easily hydrolyzed than the fats.

  6. When glycerol is heated with dehydrating agents, it is easily converted into acrolein, an unsaturated aldehyde having a peculiar characteristic pungent odor.

  7. Where there are special reasons for employing other dehydrating agents, they will be indicated in the special directions for particular staining methods in Chapters VI.

  8. This is done by dehydrating the section in alcohol, and then transferring to a watch glass containing ether or chloroform to extract the fat.

  9. A cheaper and equally effective hardening medium is made by dehydrating methylated spirit by adding one ounce of fused carbonate of potassium to each pint of methylated spirit, and decanting.

  10. Defn: A white amorphous powder, C4H4O, obtained by heating and dehydrating glycolic acid.

  11. Defn: A colorless liquid hydrocarbon resembling oil of turpentine, obtained by dehydrating menthol.

  12. The fixed alkalies destroy all vegetable life, if applied in strong solution or in substance, by dehydrating and dissolving the tissues.

  13. Chloride of zinc is a powerful poison, which may kill by its primary or secondary effects; its local action as a caustic is mainly to be ascribed to its intense affinity for water, dehydrating any tissue with which it comes in contact.

  14. A colorless liquid hydrocarbon resembling oil of turpentine, obtained by dehydrating menthol.

  15. The anhydrous chloride has a great affinity for water, and is used as a dehydrating agent.

  16. Concentrated sulphuric acid has a very great affinity for water, and is therefore an effective dehydrating agent.

  17. The dehydrating agent may be placed in a glass vessel or dish in such a way as to be unseen, or it may be covered with two or three thicknesses of dark gauze or with black cardboard laid loosely over it.

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