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Example sentences for "delphiniums"

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  1. Then you get off in disgust and shoot yourself, and they bury you in what you proudly called your herbaceous border, and people wonder next year why the delphiniums are so luxuriant--but you are not there to tell them.

  2. When delphiniums went out of season, we should rub them out and give you chrysanthemums; and if an untimely storm uprooted the chrysanthemums, in an hour or two we should have a wonderful show of dahlias to take their place.

  3. The Crocus season opens in early March; Daffodils follow a little later; late Tulips and German Iris come near May 1; Sweet William and Peonies about May 20; and soon after the Delphiniums and Hollyhocks appear.

  4. Spring bulbs begin to open in this lovely spot by the middle of February, Camellias often come in January, German Iris appears the middle of March, Delphiniums in April.

  5. White-striped Maize grows up to cover the space left empty by the Delphiniums when their bloom is over, and pots of Plumbago capense are dropped in to fill empty spaces.

  6. White Everlasting Pea, planted about three feet from the back, is trained on stout pea-sticks over the space occupied earlier by the Delphiniums and the Spiræas.

  7. When the Delphiniums are over, the rapidly forming seed-pods are removed, the stems are cut down to just the right height, and the white Peas are trained over them.

  8. The grass had been mown the day before, and the two big borders on the near side of the yew hedge were full of colour, chiefly the blues of delphiniums and the rose and white of giant stocks.

  9. Delphiniums in every shade of blue rose like the crowded and tapering flèches of a mediæval city.

  10. We once descended so far as to order “a hundred mixed Delphiniums at 10s.

  11. Luther Burbank's delphiniums formed welcome patches of real true blues in the herbaceous border round the lawn.

  12. Delphiniums easily break off at the crown if they are broken up by hand, but the roots cut so easily that it ought not to be a difficulty.

  13. Delphiniums and Oriental Poppies have also made strong foliage, and Daylilies are conspicuous from their fresh masses of pale greenery.

  14. Delphiniums are greedy feeders, and pay for rich cultivation and for liberal manurial mulches and waterings.

  15. To the south of the delphiniums was a great bank of bridal wreath chrysanthemums, white as the driven snow.

  16. Shasta daisies set off the delphiniums to perfection with the wonderful purity of their white and yellow and pleasing contrast of form, foliage and height.

  17. We have some very attractive delphiniums and dahlias, but in 1950 few of today's favorites will be in cultivation.

  18. Some varieties of tall English Delphiniums are very beautiful.

  19. I had four crops of blossoms from some of my Delphiniums last summer, so that, from the end of June until the middle of October, there were always some of them in blossom.

  20. No border can be complete without Delphiniums (Larkspur).

  21. It is well not to plant Delphiniums too near the Helianthus, as the shade from the former is too intense and it would not do to risk spoiling the lovely blossoms of the Delphinium.

  22. Jane, "she goes on about Delphiniums now, and doesn't tell any more about sunflowers!

  23. So kindly Willets stared, with eyes that were not quite so keen as usual, at the bit of garden he could see; and there, delphiniums were blooming.

  24. And there they were both standing "as bold as brass" he said afterwards, and the delphiniums he had just been studying so closely were not as blue as Mary's eyes.

  25. One of the authors has suffered from sharing a garden with a Hop enthusiast, and she well remembers the struggle she had to rescue her Roses, Hollyhocks, and Delphiniums from the Hop’s embraces and from the green fly it encouraged.

  26. Delphiniums like manure, but they will grow in almost any soil, and are easy to raise from seed—at least, the seed germinates easily.

  27. When your Lupins, Pyrethrums, and Delphiniums go out of flower, you can either cut off the flowering stems and leave the rest of the plant, or you can cut down the whole plant close to the ground.

  28. If you live in a cold climate you should give your Delphiniums a little protection in winter, but this is not necessary in most parts of England.

  29. The culture of Delphiniums would present no difficulties if slugs were not so fond of them.

  30. Just as to-day the delphiniums stood brilliantly blue, straight, and motionless on this edge, and it might have been the very same purple pansies crowding at their feet.

  31. Yesterday all day long I lay on the grass in front of the door and watched the white clouds slowly passing one after the other at long, lazy intervals over the tops of the delphiniums,--the row of delphiniums I planted all those years ago.

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