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Example sentences for "depleting"

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depilation; depilatory; depind; deplete; depleted; depletion; deplorable; deplorably; deplore; deplored
  1. This nourishment in turn is elaborated by the milk-secreting glands from the mother's blood--still further depleting her system.

  2. Even with that, the contribution which the male makes to procreation is incomparably less depleting for him than are the contributions which the female makes for her.

  3. Thus we have an endless chain in operation constantly depleting the Treasury's gold and never near a final rest.

  4. When it is proposed to inflate our silver currency it is a time for strengthening our gold reserve instead of depleting it.

  5. Depleting agents, or such as prove depressing, are to be avoided.

  6. In the second class of cases the tendency to cerebral congestion indicates sedative and depleting procedures.

  7. Before this time these various armies had acted separately and independently of each other, giving the enemy an opportunity often of depleting one command, not pressed to reinforce another more actively engaged.

  8. The means the Galenist employed were chiefly diet and vegetable remedies, with the use of the lancet and other depleting agents.

  9. As further expansion would be impossible, the banks would have to meet any increasing demand for currency by paying out gold and Dominion notes, thus depleting their reserves.

  10. As the lending by each bank is depleting its reserves, the lending which other banks are doing is reinforcing these reserves.

  11. Now, it is evident that if these smaller shells were returned to the bed we would be depleting the bed less than one-half as fast as at present.

  12. We are thus, when using the smaller shells, depleting the mussel beds at twice the necessary rate without any corresponding advantage.

  13. Food for man and beast may be taken from the soil for thousands of years without depleting it.

  14. If the box were only depleting me gradually but surely I don't doubt that I'd go until I was all up.

  15. What's the use of depleting the capital that you've already got in bank?

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