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Example sentences for "disarranging"

Lexicographically close words:
disarming; disarms; disarrange; disarranged; disarrangement; disarray; disarrayed; disarticulated; disarticulation; disassembled
  1. She grasped the whole contents of the bag in one handful of papers, and drew them out violently, tearing some and disarranging the folds of others.

  2. She was not upstairs dusting her jewelry and disarranging her dresses.

  3. On disarranging Marius' garments, he had found two things in his pockets, the roll which had been forgotten there on the preceding evening, and Marius' pocketbook.

  4. He felt that it was a change in a happy life, a life so happy that he did not dare to move for fear of disarranging something.

  5. He had been asking himself if some trifling circumstance could have been forgotten or neglected, thus disarranging all his plans.

  6. I have seen an artist get into a rage because his draperies would not come upon the natural model just as he wished, and who kept tossing them about and disarranging them so that they should not seem to be artificially disposed.

  7. They operate the same in their effect on the contest for the world's pennant and in causing confusion among the patrons by disarranging the schedule.

  8. As to the impossibility of taking from Tasso without disarranging the poem, &c.

  9. Have you remarked that Tasso has this peculiarity, that you cannot take from his work a single strophe, nor from any strophe a single line, nor from any line a single word, without disarranging the whole poem?

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