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Example sentences for "draughts"

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  1. He obeys her so implicitly about his medicines, and going to bed early, and wrapping himself up, and avoidance of draughts and night-air, that she feels all the reflected glory of one who has conquered a hero.

  2. And as he drains his draughts of Rhenish down, The kettle-drum and trumpet thus bray out The triumph of his pledge.

  3. Thus Cleaveland in his Fuscara, or The bee errant, "Tuning his draughts with drowsie hums As Danes carowse by kettle-drums.

  4. Burckhardt supposes that the governors of Al-Madinah, who were often independent chiefs, and sometimes guardians of the tombs, made occasional draughts upon the generosity of the Faithful.

  5. But they who take the larger draughts are drunk with it, lose their stature, strength, beauty, and senses, and end in folly and delirium.

  6. The profits he and some of his contemporaries made on their quack draughts and pills led, in 1788, to the imposition of the tax on 'patent medicines.

  7. For the doctor does not like to take his money and do nothing for it; so, if there happens to be no real illness, he must exhibit his draughts and pills, just to show that he is honestly earning his fee.

  8. They drank with delight deep draughts of pure water.

  9. Gradually, however, the strain relaxed, and by the time we had reached the ridge we breathed normally, inhaling refreshing draughts of the purest and most invigorating air, and feeling fit for any further amount of scrambling.

  10. The later draughts affected both heart and head; the eye became peculiarly bright and began to gleam.

  11. The long grey feathers moved, causing powerful draughts of wind that made a rushing sound.

  12. Cold draughts swept down from spectral fields of melting snow above; and the blackness turned momentarily into the semblance of towers and bastions of thick beaten gloom.

  13. Meanwhile the dread of draughts causes people to exclude the fresh air to such an extent that consumption and many other diseases are fostered and engendered.

  14. Honey sweet wine, that is the bane of others too, even of all who take great draughts and drink out of measure.

  15. And the draughts in the station, Ewen, were something appalling.

  16. Falloden, as they pulled up, drawing in deep draughts of the summer wind.

  17. Flurries of snow beat on windows, and draughts stirred the hot ashes in the braziers and sent the smoke from them in odd spirals about the chamber.

  18. A wind had risen which drifted the powdery snow and blew icy draughts through every chink.

  19. A few small draughts of water in quick succession, or a tea-spoonful of vinegar, will often afford immediate relief.

  20. These should consist of an ounce each of oxymel squills and spearmint water, and half a scruple of ipecacuanha, accompanied with frequent draughts of water gruel to assist the operation.

  21. She wanted to enjoy the woods, the sweet May breeze, the song of birds, the green meadows, and to inhale in full draughts the pure air.

  22. And the king had Earl Douglas roll him to the opened window, and inspired in long draughts that pure fresh air.

  23. Would you have me sit still and watch him blossom into a millionaire peer, a man of society, drinking deep draughts of all the joys of life, with never a thought for the man he left to rot in an African jungle?

  24. The next morning the dogs had no food, while the men had nothing but large draughts of warm tea.

  25. All the resource they had was to drink huge draughts of tea, and then seek sleep.

  26. Laden with draughts might greet a monarch's tongue, The mimic navigation swam along.

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