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Example sentences for "draughtsmanship"

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  1. This is materially inexact, since his qualities of draughtsmanship are those of a superb Classicist, and his colouring of very pure taste.

  2. But they are also marvellous pictorial studies which, in spite of the special, anecdotal subjects, rise to the level of grand painting through sheer power of draughtsmanship and charm of tone.

  3. The certainty and freedom of his draughtsmanship is always admirable.

  4. It is mainly according to the more or less Byzantine character of its design and draughtsmanship that archaeologists ascribe certain remains of old glass to the 12th or the 11th century.

  5. The symbolic figures of Catholicism had scant appeal for a soul which in its emergence from Puritan swaddlings had not opened out to mediævalism, and the strange draughtsmanship blinded him to everything else.

  6. But really I was trying for color more than for line; and, after all, it’s the careless draughtsmanship of a man who can draw.

  7. The draughtsmanship of the arms is faulty, but the pose of the figure is natural and life-like.

  8. The purity of line, the nobility of pose, the draughtsmanship at once just and broad, the ignorance of perspective, and the constant repetition of traditional attitudes are found in both methods.

  9. We may perhaps connect him with the very early school of portolano-draughtsmanship in the Balearics.

  10. The draughtsmanship is so well identified with its purpose, that we think of it always in connection with a "page.

  11. In England the demand for what is wrongly inferred to be good draughtsmanship has quenched spontaneity in illustration.

  12. Another portrait painter of fame and much power of expression, is Frau Vilma Parlaghy, her draughtsmanship being particularly good.

  13. Her technical qualities are of the highest order, her mise-en-page, her draughtsmanship and her colour are in the grand style, and her works one and all have a really masterly air.

  14. To such people all fine draughtsmanship owes its public fame, and its immortality lies in their safe keeping.

  15. He took up the old work where he had left it, after writing the "Seven Lamps," with fresh interest and more advanced powers of draughtsmanship as shown in the pencil study of the Place Amiral Courbet, now in the drawing school at Oxford.

  16. His object was form, and his special talent was for draughtsmanship rather than for colour.

  17. Mataloni, who shows remarkable powers of draughtsmanship and invention, largely spent upon posters and ex-libris.

  18. His draughtsmanship is better than that of Jacques, whom he did not, however, rival in spirit, colour or composition.

  19. The fine draughtsmanship of Cousins was as apparent in his prints as in his original lead-pencil portraits exhibited in London in 1882.

  20. In good draughtsmanship the thing felt will guide and govern everything, every touch will be instinct with the thrill of that first impression.

  21. He was to the last a valued friend of Rossetti, who always affirmed that while in draughtsmanship he had no superior in English art, his imaginative endowment was of the richest and rarest kind.

  22. At the same time, the subtlety of this draughtsmanship cannot be denied.

  23. He had lost all decorative facility; still more was the inheritance of oil painting first naturally mislaid by him, and by draughtsmanship alone not even Duerer nor Rembrandt could have lived.

  24. Moreover, Gros did not content himself with the scanty palette and the miserable cartoon-draughtsmanship of his contemporaries.

  25. Of draughtsmanship he knew all that is to be learned; he remembered much, arranged his reminiscences, and thought little for himself.

  26. Scheffer's draughtsmanship is dry and hard, his colouring without tenderness or charm.

  27. These naked bodies, twisting themselves in the most varying postures of pain, give proof by their correct draughtsmanship of the most painstaking anatomical studies, yet after all they are nothing more than inverted Laocoons.

  28. The picture undoubtedly exhibits qualities of draughtsmanship which in recent days Ingres alone possessed in so high a degree.

  29. The portrait of this young girl standing in her white dress, so tranquil and without pose, has in the firmness of its draughtsmanship the austere charm and dignity of a Bronzino.

  30. The care and science of the draughtsmanship is as noticeable as the richness of the design.

  31. His draughtsmanship is that of a decorative artist, as the Rodin drawings are those of a sculptor, not of a painter.

  32. My admiration for Liebermann's draughtsmanship shown in the Berlin Secession Gallery in the Kurfuerstdam was reproved by a German friend, who remarked that Anselm Feuerbach was a "sounder" draughtsman.

  33. His draughtsmanship displays an agreeable stateliness; his colouring a graceful gemmy brightness and a glow of sunny gold.

  34. They exhibit the decorative power of Veronese at a very high pitch in respect to colour, composition, and action, while his characteristically large and bold style of design and draughtsmanship are most fortunately employed upon them.

  35. The other of the two aforesaid disciples was Domenico Puligo, who was more excellent in draughtsmanship and more pleasing and gracious in colouring than any of the others mentioned above.

  36. For Antonio Segni, who was very much his friend, he made, on a sheet of paper, a Neptune executed with such careful draughtsmanship that it seemed absolutely alive.

  37. John; in which picture, executed with excellent draughtsmanship and colouring, he proved his ability.

  38. Marco there is a panel-picture of the Purification, very lovely, which he executed with good draughtsmanship and high finish.

  39. Mark the Evangelist, five braccia in height, and executed with very good draughtsmanship and supreme excellence.

  40. Leech's as his method of draughtsmanship is more complicated.

  41. Although the spirit that runs through them becomes monotonous after a while, the draughtsmanship and the excellence of the fooling always elicit admiration.

  42. The draughtsmanship of the latter is excellent, while there is a hint of that humanity of expression about the creatures which has produced for the work of Landseer so immense a popularity.

  43. The draughtsmanship is curious and vivacious, and the colouring conspicuously successful.

  44. Mr. Orr exhibits in these designs a rare combination of humorous invention with brilliant draughtsmanship and command of colour, and the author supports him with a series of racy verses.

  45. The pictures are bold, clear, and direct, as befits a book intended in the first place for little folk, but they exhibit at the same time a power of draughtsmanship that will give the volume a permanent artistic value.

  46. And what was his worth in draughtsmanship is seen in our book, wherein are some passing good drawings by his hand.

  47. In this work, both by reason of the draughtsmanship and of the great diligence wherewith it was executed, the manner of the craftsman gave universal pleasure to all.

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