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Example sentences for "ebbs"

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  1. Ebbs and flows the muddy Pei-Ho by the gulf of Pechili, Idly floats beside the stream the dragon-flag; Past the batteries of China, looking westward still you see Lazy junks along the lazy river lag.

  2. Some more substantial boon Than such as flows and ebbs with Fortune's fickle moon?

  3. Abreast of this rock we lay at anchor in seven or eight fathom water, moored to the east and west, with both bowers, which we found extremely necessary, on account of the strong tide that regularly ebbs and flows every twelve hours.

  4. God's bounty, that ebbs less and less As men do wane in thankfulness.

  5. The tide at this place ebbs and flows every twelve hours, but while we were there the rise and fall did not exceed 9 feet.

  6. We found here such remarkably low ebbs as we had never before seen, by means of which we procured muscles in great plenty.

  7. The tide ebbs and flows a considerable way up this river, which has a bar at its mouth, so that boats cannot go in or come out at low water.

  8. Unscathed I watch the wave, Time not the Angel's grave, I wait until the ocean ebbs away.

  9. As in Creation lives the Father Soul, So lives the soul He breathed amidst the clay; Round it the thoughts on starry axles roll, Life flows and ebbs away.

  10. Back o'er the walls, and back through gate and breach, Now ebbs the war, like billows from the beach.

  11. Thames, which abounds with fish, and in which the tide ebbs and flows, runs on that side, and has in a long space of time washed down, undermined and subverted the walls in that part.

  12. Here they were to remain at their moorings two ebbs and a flood; during which period the merchants were to sell no part of their cargo, it being the duty of one of the Sheriffs and the King's Chamberlain to board each vessel in the meantime.

  13. This portion of the community have neither time nor opportunity to watch the ebbs and flows of the money market.

  14. The law of demand and supply is as unerring as that which regulates the tides of the ocean; and, indeed, currency, like the tides, has its ebbs and flows throughout the commercial world.

  15. Yet our experience has proved that a revenue consisting so largely of imposts and tonnage ebbs and flows to an extraordinary extent, with all the fluctuations incident to the general commerce of the world.

  16. Cosimo I rides by as though into Siena, while behind him rises the palace of the Uguccioni, which Folfi made; and beside you the Calzaioli ebbs and flows with its noisy life, as of old the busiest street of the city.

  17. Here, amid all the grave and yet homely magnificence of the princes of the State, life, with a brilliance and a misery all its own, ebbs and flows, and is not to be denied.

  18. The situation of a ship or other vessel which is aground, so as to be seen dry upon the strand when the tide ebbs from her.

  19. The tide of triumph ebbs that flowed too well-- When Wrath returns to renovated strife, And those who fought for conquest strike for life.

  20. Everything is silent but the flowing river, and this ebbs on with ceaseless motion, and as if to remind us of its presence swishes up against us, and with inarticulate language gives us a cheery hail and then passes on.

  21. It has been suggested that the stars have opaque non-luminous patches on their surfaces, and that during axial rotation their light ebbs and flows according as the dark or bright portions are turned towards us.

  22. It is believed to have a period of seventy years, and in that time its light ebbs and flows between the seventh and first magnitudes.

  23. Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day; Earth's joys grow dim, its glories pass away; Change and decay in all around I see.

  24. When the moon appears in the horizon it is full sea, and as the moon advances it ebbs till the moon comes to the meridian, when it is dead low water; and thence it begins again to flow till the moon sets, when it is again full sea.

  25. The nature of this spring is extremely curious: it ebbs and flows regularly three times a day.

  26. As the season advances, their life ebbs and ebbs: you hear one here and one there, but the air is no longer filled with that regular pulse-beat of sound.

  27. The atmospherical, tidal wave, as it ebbs and flows, seems to carry the needle backward and forward with it.

  28. The atmosphere ebbs and flows as regularly as the sea.

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