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Example sentences for "electromagnetism"

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  1. Some little-known but delightful observations in the prehistory of electromagnetism are described in a letter written by G.

  2. Poggendorf, having been mentioned in a book on electromagnetism by the celebrated M.

  3. If you remember what has been said about sound and electromagnetism it will not be hard to understand.

  4. The Bain telegraph used a key and battery the same as the Morse system, but it did not depend upon electromagnetism as the Morse system does.

  5. The first paper of Maxwell's in which an attempt at an admissible physical theory of electromagnetism was made, was communicated to the Royal Society in 1867.

  6. The electron at rest gives rise to the phenomena of electrostatics; in motion, it gives rise to electrical currents, electromagnetism and electric radiation.

  7. All text-books on physics contain in their chapters on electromagnetism full accounts of various forms of this experiment.

  8. In 1855 he brought these researches to a conclusion by a general article on magnetic philosophy, having placed the whole subject of magnetism and electromagnetism on an entirely novel and solid basis.

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