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Example sentences for "entwined"

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entrusts; entry; entryway; entweder; entwine; entwines; entwining; entwisted; enucleation; enuers
  1. He contended that the national life of a people was intimately entwined with their art productions.

  2. And again, their proclivities were in favour of realism, whereas his own sentiments were entwined round a poetic ideal.

  3. And she hid her face in the strong arm entwined about her.

  4. He remembered how he had leaned entranced over her chair; how he had pressed her to him in the fury of that wild waltz, her white arms entwined round him--the fragrance of the red roses she wore in her hair mounting to his brain!

  5. To follow the mean and the poor of spirit beyond the point where their fortunes cease to be entwined with those of better men is a profitless task.

  6. I can never be happy myself, if her happiness is not entwined around my own.

  7. The candelabra are further enriched with masks and chimeras, and bear at their top a charming circular group of the three graces, small undraped figures, with arms entwined and faces turned toward each other.

  8. Their whole literature entwined itself, like the tendrils of a creeper, round the antique stem.

  9. Suspended from a portiere rod between the hall and reception room were three hearts formed of heavy wire and carefully entwined with evergreen; above each one was a jingle.

  10. The decorations of the church parlors consisted mainly of paper, which was most artistically entwined about pillar, post and picture.

  11. And pair fully rustic, with elaborate rustic ornaments of curiously entwined and intertwisted tree branches.

  12. Then my whole being became agitated and broken; for, you must know, the diadem was not entwined about my head, but about the brain itself.

  13. The statue of Balder towers up on a pedestal, with Fridthjofs ring entwined about its arm, and the king, with his crown on his head, is busied about the altar.

  14. A fine creeper had entwined its stout tendrils round three of the pillars.

  15. The chosen device of Charles V of Germany represented the Pillars of Hercules entwined by a scroll that bore his motto, "Plus Ultra" (still farther).

  16. He was attended by Satyrs and Sileni and by women called Maenads, who, as they danced and sang, waved in the air the thyrsus, a staff entwined with ivy and surmounted by a pine cone.

  17. Surely it equals Ætna in its height, Or any isle which rises from the sea Where the Ægean wave entwined foams Amid the Cyclades; on either side Its breadth is equal, and its walls alike.

  18. But they propagate their species being entwined together, and then they discharge a sort of viscous fluid from their bodies, which lies in the mud and generates living creatures.

  19. A multitude of pillars had been set up with banners and triumphal arches entwined with green garlands.

  20. A moment later a litter appeared in the form of a golden boat, bearing a small arbor with flowers in it; the pillars of the arbor were entwined with garlands of roses, the top of it covered with lotuses and violets.

  21. On ropes, entwined with green, the golden boat descended to the chamber in silence.

  22. How pluck away the image around which all his hopes and dreams, the very roots and tendrils of his being have entwined themselves for so many years?

  23. Many books have been written upon Italy, affording many means of studying the history of that interesting country, and the innumerable associations entwined about it.

  24. They entwined themselves first round the tender limbs of the helpless youths, and then encircled their father who rushed to their assistance, and thus all three were destroyed in sight of the horrified multitude.

  25. She entwined her arm in his, and led him up the broad staircase; only parting from him at the door of his room.

  26. It was moss-grown and rotten, and straggling wreaths of wild clematis were entwined about it; but it served the purpose for which it was wanted.

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