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Example sentences for "evangelisation"

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evanescent; evangelic; evangelica; evangelical; evangelii; evangelische; evangelischen; evangelise; evangelised; evangelising
  1. Months of earnest prayer and not a few abortive efforts had resulted in a deep conviction that a special agency was essential for the evangelisation of Inland China.

  2. The second left England in 1864, having her passage provided by the Foreign Evangelisation Society.

  3. Failing in this attempt, he made his headquarters in Shanghai for a season, devoting himself to the evangelisation of the surrounding populous regions.

  4. Parker, represented the Chinese Evangelisation Society in that city.

  5. Within a few years after its foundation, the Society of Jesus turned its attention to the evangelisation of South America; in 1550 the Jesuit Fathers began their work in Brazil.

  6. About 1586 the Jesuit Fathers entered Paraguay for the purpose of beginning the evangelisation of the Indians of the Plate valley.

  7. The members of this Order, however, with a few notable exceptions, took no special interest in the evangelisation of the aborigines.

  8. The romantic side of the evangelisation of the Black Country has been idealised by Mr. J.

  9. Lady Wulfruna's further efforts at evangelisation in the setting up at Hampton (or High Town) of another Christian church.

  10. The problem of the evangelisation of these cities is a very serious one.

  11. Spiritually, they are to lead and be responsible for the evangelisation of the world.

  12. She, with Manasseh, is chiefly responsible for the evangelisation of the world, and of course they are at work all over the world, for England and the United States send out more missionaries than all the world beside.

  13. Never were greater efforts made by Methodism for the evangelisation of the masses in Great Britain.

  14. To him is attributed the evangelisation of part of Argyllshire, in the district which still bears {44} the name of Glen-Finan.

  15. Bull concerning the restoration of the Scottish hierarchy in 1878, refers to the share of St. Palladius in the evangelisation of the country.

  16. The Council of Bern saw in him the instrument best fitted for the evangelisation of their French-speaking population.

  17. Gradually Farel had become the leader of an organised band of missioners, who devoted themselves to the evangelisation of western or French-speaking Switzerland.

  18. Not content with this, the Council of Bern constituted itself the patron and protector of persecuted Protestants outside their own lands, and the evangelisation of western Switzerland owed almost everything to its fostering care.

  19. When Mr. Brown made another attempt to get him fixed in the Mission-Church he replied, 'The evangelisation of India is a more important object than preaching to the European inhabitants of Calcutta.

  20. Taking up the evangelisation at Oroomiah, the American Presbyterians unite with that Tabreez, Mosul, and Salmas as their Western, and Teheran and Hamadan as their Eastern Persia Mission.

  21. In analysing the Joseph of Arimathea form of the legend, the silence of the earlier British historians concerning Joseph's evangelisation of Britain is noted, and 1140 is given as the earliest date of this part of the legend.

  22. According to him there is no trace of any connection between Joseph and the evangelisation of Britain which can be said to be older than the romances.

  23. In the great work of the world's evangelisation the Church has no foe at all comparable with the Jesuit.

  24. With this small sum and his two plain and poorly paid mechanics, this undaunted man started out from his native land to undertake the evangelisation of a country as large as England itself.

  25. Amidst all the difficulties of his lot the thought of the New Zealanders was ever in his mind, and their evangelisation the constant subject of his prayers.

  26. The evangelisation of the world depends first of all upon a revival of prayer.

  27. For God's Spirit on our Mission Work "The evangelisation of the world depends first of all upon a revival of prayer.

  28. But Mr. Charrington has been, especially of late years, much indebted to the Evangelisation Society, who have sent him many of their most powerful preachers.

  29. Ligugé, his monastery, became a centre of evangelisation to the country round.

  30. On every account it was necessary to vary as well as multiply the means for the evangelisation of the country.

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