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Example sentences for "excepts"

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exceptional; exceptionally; exceptions; exceptis; excepto; excerpt; excerpta; excerpted; excerpts; exces
  1. The great Marche de Tarbes is, and has been for ages, one of its chief sights, indeed it is the rather commonplace modern city's principal picturesque accessory, if one excepts its grandly scenic background.

  2. The latter excepts against Martin as a villain.

  3. The Judge was alone, if one excepts the young woman at the typewriting desk, before whom he was preening, as though she were a mere impersonal mirror.

  4. For the fifth article, which provides for amendments, expressly excepts this clause.

  5. He was much influenced by the writings of his contemporary Locke, and he excepts from the benefit of toleration the same classes which Locke excepted.

  6. The act especially excepts persons who receive or hold prizes or stakes to be paid to the winner of a race or lawful sport, game or exercise, or to the owner of a horse engaged in a race (s.

  7. New York does not possess a single garden, public or private, if one excepts the three squares I named just now.

  8. He excepts occupiers; that is, as regards land occupiers, quite right; but he excepts manufacturing capital and capital engaged in commerce.

  9. No noteworthy contribution is made here, unless one excepts the academically clever portraits by Troccoli, a landscape by Vonnoh, and a sumptuous bed of rhododendrons by Edward F.

  10. A great carven coffer, presumably a strong box containing the stock, ends the catalogue, if one excepts the now smoke-dimmed arabesques and horseshoe arched decorations of the walls themselves.

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