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Example sentences for "exonerating"

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  1. In a quarrel at Macao some Japanese sailors lost their lives, and their comrades were compelled by the commandant, Pessoa, to sign a declaration exonerating the Portuguese.

  2. The most damaging of these was one in which Blaine had drawn up a letter completely exonerating himself, which he asked Fisher to sign and make public as his own.

  3. The majority of the congressional committee of investigation later made a report exonerating Ballinger, but his position had become intolerable and he resigned in March, 1911.

  4. As soon as Mr. Dodge has reached his home he will also write that letter exonerating Mr. Prescott; I am sure he will.

  5. As soon as you have gone to your home you will write a letter to the superintendent, exonerating Mr. Prescott from all suspicion in that fearful affair.

  6. There were several matters about which he had been mercilessly abused for which I found ample explanations exonerating him.

  7. Garfield, completely exonerating General Grant, and declaring that by laying the strong hand of Government upon the conspirators and breaking their power he had treated them as enemies of the credit and business of the Union.

  8. His orders were obeyed, and after asking questions as to details he wrote out a confession exonerating John Carter and laying the blame on the right party.

  9. The next week the Seneca weekly published a card from Mr. Wentworth stating that a discovery had been made exonerating the late Warren Lane from the charge which had so long been laid at his door.

  10. North Carolina, in complacently exonerating Mr. Holmes by saying, "We are satisfied that Mr. H.

  11. Yet we find all classes zealously exonerating emancipation, and in despite of tornado, plague, and wasting, still affirming the blessings and advantages of freedom!

  12. He told her how--thus exonerating Richard from blame, and the hard, angry look was drowned in tears as Edith wept aloud.

  13. Whatever lies upon it, I hope you will see the justice of keeping wide and clear of me, and will find a consolation in completely exonerating all but yourself.

  14. In exonerating and extolling the evolutionary processes, you are exonerating and extolling the works of the Devil!

  15. I have written a letter to Mr. Lucas, exonerating you completely, Miss Lee; and I have ordered him to comply with all these demands without parley.

  16. Dick Bellamy fled on a night train, leaving a note to the coroner exonerating Hal.

  17. All he did was to write to the papers exonerating his unconscious accomplices, and offering to appear at their trial if the police would guarantee him a safe-conduct.

  18. The convict steadfastly denied his guilt to the last, but left a paper exonerating Emm.

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