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Example sentences for "faints"

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fainthearted; fainting; faintings; faintly; faintness; fair; faire; fairely; fairer; faires
  1. Of course he hasn't any, but the woman usually faints about this time, and on her recovering is usually willing to take the jewels off her wrists and fingers, if she has no money, to buy her immunity from the subpoena.

  2. It is the will runs the renewing nerve Through flaccid flesh that faints before the time.

  3. What faints across the lifted loop Of cloud-veil upward cast?

  4. There Ráma stands in death’s disguise, And conquered Báli faints and dies.

  5. Let us slip between them, And float on the stream that floweth nowhither-- Our red ambitions burn To a blue smoke of forgetting; Our moonshine faints on the tide that goeth out, As the sun leers to the tide that cometh in.

  6. The doomed world faints into mist, World of our indolence and dreams, And the faces and bodies we love Sink through oblivion, and are seen Dimly, as divers through the waters.

  7. For instance, the oppressed marchioness, who has not seen her daughter Julia since the age of two, recognises her without a moment's hesitation at the age of seventeen, and faints in a transport of joy.

  8. In my dry brain my spirit soon, Down-deepening from swoon to swoon, Faints like a dazzled morning moon.

  9. Húyang siyag ginhawaan kay madismáyug makakitag dugù, She has a weak stomach because she faints when she sees blood.

  10. Muluay (maluay) ang láwas sa táwung kuyapan, The body of a person who faints becomes limp.

  11. Sometimes Mr. Claypole faints himself, but the result is the same.

  12. The lady faints away at the doors of charitable publicans, and the gentleman being accommodated with threepennyworth of brandy to restore her, lays an information next day, and pockets half the penalty.

  13. What faints across yon lifted loop Where the west gleams its last?

  14. She is helpless; she faints in his grasp; he carries her through the fire and down the mountain to where the real king is.

  15. He will not do that, and he tries to cheer her, till she faints and sinks down at his feet.

  16. Suffers greatly from thirst, and faints on the sand.

  17. Suffers greatly from thirst, and faints on the sand--Recovers, and makes another effort to push forward.

  18. Magical rapture Pierces my heart; Fixed is my gaze, Burning with terror; I reel, my heart faints and fails!

  19. The dwarfs quarrelling over the body of Fafner "Magical rapture Pierces my heart; Fixed is my gaze, Burning with terror; I reel, my heart faints and fails!

  20. Seward suggests a bold, strong, deep, tragical turn of the scene--that she faints actually.

  21. I think that the obvious meaning is the right meaning--and that she faints on purpose.

  22. Lady Macbeth, who "all particulars of duty knows," faints accordingly.

  23. The result is a battle, in the midst of which Coridon escapes, Melibee and the brigand captain are slain, and Pastorella faints and is deemed dead.

  24. Say not, the struggle naught availeth, The labor and the wounds are vain, The enemy faints not, nor faileth, And as things have been they remain.

  25. She faints on the body of Antony, and is recalled to life by the cries of her women:-- IRAS.

  26. But he is not worthy of the prize who thus faints and succumbs at the outset of his career; no, the youthful warrior, like the Christian of old, must arm him for the fight.

  27. The words came to Boreham's mind: "My very heart faints and my whole soul grieves, At the moist rich smell of the rotting leaves.

  28. My lady goes back perforce to the alderman in the City, and faints upon reading Counsellor Silvertongue’s dying speech at Tyburn, where the counsellor has been executed for sending his lordship out of the world.

  29. With these words she faints upon his body.

  30. She tears her hair and rips her dress, and faints at every step she takes; nor can anything comfort her when she sees her husband borne along lifeless in the bier; for her happiness is at an end, and so she made her loud lament.

  31. Sarah Young, on coming out of Church, faints against a Monument: Recovers to see them go off--Looks after them.

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