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Example sentences for "gabled"

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  1. I was thus in the poorest of spirits, though still pretty resolved, when I came in view of Pilrig, a pleasant gabled house set by the Walk-side among some brave young woods.

  2. Consequently they broke down outside the sacred precincts, and we glided past the gray-stone, red-gabled portals while they grouped round a tire to hide the fact that it was flat.

  3. During the first six years of the merry monarch's reign, London town, east of Temple Bar, consisted of narrow and tortuous streets of quaintly gabled houses, pitched roofed and plaster fronted.

  4. He is made rich by it, and he returns to Boston and buys the gabled house in the cool green lane by the sea.

  5. He seemed to see her again who had been the good angel of his life; he saw the gabled house in the bowery lane, and two faces looking out of the same window over Boston town.

  6. On the farther side stood a cottage with diamonded lattices and a gabled roof and a garden full of deep crimson phlox glowing against a background of gnarled and somber hawthorns.

  7. Guy had digs in an old house whose gabled front leaned outward, whose oriel windows were supported by oaken beams worm-eaten and grotesquely carved.

  8. The roof of such a building was either gabled and covered with tiles or, though perhaps less often, it was flat.

  9. The roofing, when constructed, as it most frequently was, in a gabled form, consisted of terra-cotta tiles arranged on a regular system.

  10. In exceptional cases the hall had no opening in the ceiling and therefore no basin below, but was covered with a simple gabled roof which shed the rain-water into the street.

  11. In the middle of the ceiling is an open space, square or oblong, to which the tiles of the gabled roof converge from above, and in the middle of the floor beneath is a corresponding basin, edged and paved with coloured or plain marble.

  12. The roof is gabled and tiled, with ornaments along the eaves.

  13. Having lunched, we again wandered about town, and entered a quadrangle of gabled houses, with a church, and its churchyard on one side.

  14. The streets surrounding it have many gabled houses, and a general look of antiquity, more than some other parts of London.

  15. In front is a small gabled porch with a panel over the doorway bearing the inscription:--"Ex dono, G.

  16. With these rooms going to waste, why--he suddenly asked himself--had Nita Selim coaxed Judge Marshall to have the unfinished half of the gabled attic turned into bedrooms and baths?

  17. Knees and hands steady again, he investigated the finished portion of the gabled story swiftly.

  18. But he didn't quite finish even that--left half the gabled top story unfinished, and Nita has been teasing Hugo to finish it up for her.

  19. Another door in the section behind the staircase leading to the gabled second story next claimed his attention.

  20. If the intruder was still in the house he could be nowhere but in that unfinished half of the gabled top story.

  21. Nita--Mrs. Selim--wanted the unfinished half of the gabled top story finished up.

  22. Its houses had walls of white stucco and gabled roofs of red tile.

  23. A vine-covered gateway led from this into the grassy stretch that surrounded the low-gabled house.

  24. That was the name the children had always given to the largest of the turrets that crowned Highacres' many-gabled roof.

  25. There is a tower on the south of the nave, finished with a gabled roof, and pierced with some good early-pointed openings.

  26. No doubt this roof was originally a gabled stone roof with a gutter against the wall, so as to leave this window open.

  27. Each side of this chapel had an elaborate tomb with an arched recess in the wall over it, surmounted by a gabled canopy between pinnacles, and under which sculptured subjects are introduced.

  28. These coffins are about two feet deep, by seven feet in length, and covered with a gabled stone cover.

  29. The aisles had roofs gabled north and south, and their windows good fourteenth-century tracery.

  30. In plan it is similar to the domes at Salamanca and Zamora as to the angle pinnacles, but not as to the gabled windows between them.

  31. Over the arch is a gabled canopy, the spandrels of which are filled with tracery and figures.

  32. In place of this, a gabled roof now covers both aisles with a gutter against the clerestory and overhanging eaves on the outside.

  33. I was not able to learn how it had originally been roofed; but my impression is that it probably had two stone gabled roofs intersecting each other.

  34. Adjacent to the church is St Peter's hospital, a picturesque gabled building of Jacobean and earlier date, with a fine court room.

  35. Owing to the nature of the site the streets are irregular; in the inner part of the city they are generally narrow, and sometimes, with their ancient gabled houses, extremely picturesque.

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