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Example sentences for "gullibility"

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gull; gulled; gullet; gulley; gulleys; gullible; gullied; gullies; gulling; gulls
  1. There is a Hindu who has now left this country to go back to spend the rest of his days in luxurious idleness, the while chuckling over the gullibility of the smart American people, who came here with a new religion and made a fortune.

  2. As the gullibility of the "suckers" became a little dulled, innovations to increase the plausibility of the schemes were made and new forms of bait devised.

  3. Balsamo had unlimited faith in the gullibility of mankind, and was amply endowed with the gifts which enable their possessor to shear the simpletons of society.

  4. The character of gullibility attributed to the Devil in these legends is probably derived from the Trolls, or "night-folk," of Northern mythology.

  5. His ready gullibility is shown in the story of "Boots who ate a Match with the Troll.

  6. And I think one comes to value a bent blessed with earnest unconsciousness; a not too clever Argus vision; a childlike gullibility and spontaneity.

  7. There is little encouragement for such a hope in their past career of gullibility on this head.

  8. They are limited only by the gullibility of the medical profession and the public.

  9. It would seem that our Secretary-negotiator had possessed himself of this idea, and charged himself with the duties under it, and had determined to make full provision for all the gullibility now extant.

  10. Johnson was accustomed to say that there was a certain amount of gullibility in the public mind, which must be provided for.

  11. And all this advertising is based on the well-proven theory of the public's pitiable ignorance and gullibility in the vitally important matter of health.

  12. If there is no limit to the gullibility of the public on the one hand, there is apparently none to the cupidity of the newspapers on the other.

  13. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gullibility" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    greenness; naivete; simplicity; softness; unsophistication; weakness